Where There's a Will

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Where There's a Will

Bitterthorn, Texas, #4

I absolutely loved this addition to the Bitterthorn Texas series!

Fiery, sexy, and emotional, the relationship between Coe and Miranda is a riveting read. Where There’s A Will has a nice mixture of moments from heart wrenching to laugh out loud funny. Emotions cloud their memories and makes the actual history between the two main characters a bit complicated. I found Miranda’s anger; anxieties, reactions, and personal walls to be fairly realistic. I loved her feisty attitude, stubbornness and determination. Coe’s character is complex and I particularly liked his transition from an impulsive teenager to a rational and caring adult, even though he has difficulty identifying his emotions.

Author Stacy Gail does a fantastic job creating characters with stories that hit you right in the heart. The glimpses of other Bitterthorn residents make for a nice touch in this continuation of the series. I read this right after Starting From Scratch, which works nicely in chronological terms. Yet another very enjoyable read from Stacy Gail!

Years ago, Miranda fell head over heels for Coe Rodas and thought he had felt the same way. But then her father claimed Coe’s idea for a new car invention as his own and Miranda was left looking guilty. Their relationship crashed and burned. Now she’s back and intends to fix former wrongs yet Miranda wants to get in and out of Coe’s life as quickly as possible. The sting of betrayal hasn’t faded over the years and the chemistry still lingers between them.

Coe Rodas thought he never wanted to lay eyes on Miranda Brookhaven again. Yet when she comes back to town Coe can’t seem to keep away from her. As they rediscover their past, Coe realizes that Miranda is no longer the daddy’s little princess he believed her to be. As he still desires her, Coe becomes focused on getting to know who she is now rather than dealing with past mistakes. Can they overcome the conflict of the past and take advantage of this second chance?

Book Blurb for Where There's a Will

Miranda Brookhaven returned to Bitterthorn, Texas to fix the past. Years ago, her father used her teenage romance with Coe Rodas to steal the prototype for a groundbreaking new automotive invention. Now her father's dead, and thanks to the convoluted will he left behind, she's stuck in town until she rights the wrong that lost her the man she loved.

Coe learned early on that life never goes according to plan. His dreams of hitting it big vanished when Miranda all but invited her father to take the only thing of value he ever had. But now the once-pampered princess is holed up in a condemned trailer on the edge of town...and everything he thought he knew about her—and about what happened between them back then—seems completely wrong.

Miranda's determined to give back to Coe all that he lost. If she can do that, maybe she can move on from the past. But Coe seems to be more interested in their rekindled passion than claiming what she thinks he deserves. She's got sixty days to convince him to cough up evidence that he's the original inventor—after that, the only way to transfer the patent rights over to him would be to make him part of the family, and she's not sure her heart can take another hit.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 5.00