When the Scoundrel Sins

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When the Scoundrel Sins

Capturing the Carlisles, #2

"When the Scoundrel Sins" has a unique twist on the idea of the marriage of convenience. Harrington’s characters are interesting and fun, and they find themselves in the most delicious situations. Quinton has both an inexplicable desire for Annabelle and the urge to protect her. However, he has his own life to live and name to make for himself, leaving him in a bind. Annabelle is both feisty and smart, but lacks much experience with men, thanks to her encounter with Quin from years ago which practically ruined her in society. The interactions between these two characters are great and they have substantial chemistry. I liked the twists in the story, especially with Annabelle, but I felt that there were hints to a backstory or a history between the characters that wasn’t explored (outside of the prologue). I would have really liked to have seen more of that, to get a greater sense of the characters.

The sub-characters remained dominantly on the edges of the story and I would have liked to have seen more of them as well. Overall though, "When the Scoundrel Sins" was an enjoyable read!

The Story: Annabelle Green has spent the last few years on the outskirts of polite society thanks to an inopportune accident from her youth and this hasn’t really bothered her. Until now. In order to claim the land she loves so desperately, she needs to marry. Quickly. And the perfect suitor has fallen into her lap – Quinton Carlisle, the very man responsible for her outcast status. Quinn can’t pretend he isn’t tempted by the offer, Annabelle has changed greatly from the young girl he remembers teasing in his youth. In fact, he finds her quite irresistible. But marriage is the last thing Quinn needs in his life, especially as he is on the verge of an adventure all his own. All he has to do is overcome his desire for Annabelle long enough to find her a suitable husband… if he can!

Book Blurb for When the Scoundrel Sins


Annabelle Green needs a husband-and quickly. To inherit the only home she's ever known, she must be married by her twenty-fifth birthday. But finding a suitor has been next to impossible after a reckless rogue named Quinton Carlisle seduced her into a scandalous midnight tryst. Her reputation in ruins, Belle now needs a rather large favor. And she knows just who to turn to . . .

Quinn can hardly believe that the shy bookish girl he teased as a child has grown into such a brazen beauty. The very idea of marrying Belle to right the wrongs of his past is downright shocking . . . and deliciously tempting. Too bad marriage, convenient or otherwise, is the last thing Quinn wants. He'll help Belle find a husband and be on his way. But if he can't control his attraction to the bride-to-be, this marriage could go up in flames-of wicked desire.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2017 4.00