Unexpectedly You

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Unexpectedly You

Lily Santana has created a charming story set in the quaint town of Bella Del Mar. At first, the struggles between Mitch and Emma seem purely professional, but as the story progresses the depth of their emotional issues gradually comes to light. The chemistry between these two characters propels the story forward, and keeps the reader hooked! Emma’s spunk makes the dialogue between her and Mitch quite entertaining and the conflict between personal and professional seemed very realistic. I particularly liked the representation of Emma’s deceased husband.

Emma is not only finding love, she is moving on from the past, and this journey for her was well-developed and emotional. The reader doesn't get much about Mitch’s backstory, in comparison to Emma’s, but there is enough information for us to understand and relate to him. The sub-characters also play an important role and are quite remarkable. Many of these characters stayed in my mind as I was reading and helped to flesh out the setting of the book. I really enjoyed the reappearance of Emma’s daughter at the end of the book. There were hints that maybe we’ll be seeing a story dedicated to her in the future! While this didn't bother me, the book does contain some language which some readers may find offensive.

Widowed Emma LeFleur is intent on stopping Mitch McKenna from ruining the charm of her small hometown. Emma treasures Bella Del Mar and is not ready to face any more changes in her life. But Emma can’t deny that she is also extremely attracted to Mitch, making him a threat on a whole other level!

Mitch is tired of fighting with Emma about his development project. He can’t understand why she can’t see the benefits his building will bring the community. And he can’t stand that he is so attracted to her! He is convinced that he is not the right man for her, but that does not stop the growing attraction between them!

Book Blurb for Unexpectedly You

Emma LeFleur's vintage beach home is close to foreclosure. With a business struggling to take off, she has no choice but to turn to her neighbor, sexy and arrogant real estate investor Mitch McKenna—the man whose reputation she's spent the past six months pulverizing.

Mitch offers her a deal that will save them both: if she'll convince her neighbors that she's 100% behind his controversial condo project he'll save her home. As a prominent leader in the community, Emma's the only one who can help him salvage the project and keep his employees from getting laid off.

But the chemistry between Emma and Mitch burns surprisingly hot, complicating their deal in a way neither had anticipated. Mitch unearths the long-buried siren within Emma, who'd forgotten how good it is to feel sexy, alive.

As Emma begins to turn public opinion in Mitch's favor, she's drawn to him in a way she can't deny. And Mitch finds himself wanting to prove to Emma that he's not the player she thinks he is…

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 3.50