The Texas Rancher's Vow

Harlequin American, #1412 - Legends of Laramie County

The Texas Rancher’s Vow is based upon deep emotions. The three central characters all have pain and grief which they are trying to deal with. Mutual feelings of loss and betrayal connect Jen and Matt, despite their difference in financial status. This connection really establishes the potential in their future relationship. I would have liked to see more character development for Jen, as I think there was a great opportunity to develop Jen through her artistic endeavours.

As an aspiring sculptor, Jen is eager to take on Emmet Briscoe’s commission. The wealthy rancher would like for her to stay at his ranch while she completes her work. Considering the size of the task, Jen is happy to oblige. Even if her staying there disturbs Emmet’s ruggedly handsome son Matt!

Matt is suspicious of his father’s motives when it comes to Jen. After the death of Matt’s mother, his father attempted to find love again and each time it resulted in a failed marriage to a gold digger. And Jen appears to be in line to be wife number five. But despite his concerns, Matt’s attraction for Jen is growing as they spend more time together. Jen might just make a good wife…for Matt!

Book Blurb for The Texas Rancher's Vow

The Texas Rancher's Vow

Never Again! 

Jen Carson made a promise to herself: no more powerful, controlling husbands. So why is she letting herself be tempted by Matt Briscoe, surely the most alpha male in Laramie County? She only agreed to stay at the Triple B to create a series of commemorative bronze plaques for Matt's father. Not end up sharing taboo kisses with six feet four inches of irresistible cowboy. 

A cowboy who also happens to be her client's son. Talk about mixing pleasure with business! And now Jen's suddenly the reluctant keeper of a Briscoe family secret. Which thrusts her into an even more heated conflict with Matt. No matter how strong her feelings for the studly rancher, Jen has so many good reasons to keep him from becoming a permanent part of her life. 

Too bad her heart won't listen to her head....

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.00