The Revenge Artist

Evelyn Hernandez Book 1

Philip Hoy engagingly depicts the volatile world of high school, where emotions run high and vicious gossip runs amuck. Evelyn Hernandez deals with familiar adolescent issues – first loves, trials with parents and friends, her emerging sexuality, peer pressure, and bullying – but we delve deep into her world and mindset. For a teenager that already doesn’t quite fit in, staying invisible is preferable. Yet she becomes the target of a group of malicious kid’s intent on ruining her for their own amusement. Cyber-bullying plays a prominent role in this story and the extent of the damage and pain Evelyn suffers shows the power of bullies, which explains her desire for empowerment through magic. A few misguided moments, and Evelyn finds herself on a downward spiral.

Hoy’s story is unique, engaging, and interesting. His characters are realistic, and he perfectly presents the teenage voice and experience. I found the parallels to The Crucible fascinating, particularly how Evelyn’s experiences shaped her viewing of the play.

Evelyn is a distinctly strong and authentic character. The rest of the characters are fantastic too. From Evelyn’s parents, to her friends, to the bullies in the school, each character has a distinct personality and they add to the depth of the story.

The plot is fantastic, heart-wrenching and completely believable and moves at a good pace, with just the right amount of twists. An absolutely riveting read!

Evelyn Hernandez is a unique teenager. An artist who also makes her own clothes, she and her friends happily avoid the fresas. But when Evelyn is hurt and humiliated by the star quarterback, she discovers another talent - the ability to make things happen when she draws them. Suddenly revenge becomes a very tangible thing. Evelyn realizes that she can avenge herself on all those who hurt her. But black magic comes at a price. Soon the isolation and pain from the bullying (and cyber-bullying) take their toll and Evelyn is tempted to use her power more and more. The more she does, however, the more alone she feels. And Evelyn begins to think she is exactly what people having been calling her – a witch.

Book Blurb for The Revenge Artist

Evelyn Hernandez is a high school junior who reads Shakespeare for fun, sews her own dresses, and keeps a sketch journal of her daily life. When Varsity quarterback Garvey Valenzuela breaks her heart, she sends him to the emergency room with a busted hand.

Add black magic to her resume...

Evelyn embarks on a dark journey of revenge when she discovers she has the power to make bad things happen by drawing them. Her emotional pain, isolation, and self-hatred lead her down a self-destructive path with dire consequences.

16+ due to sexuality, language, and adult situations

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 4.50