The Queen's New Year Secret

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The Queen's New Year Secret

Princes of Petras

The Queen’s New Year Secret was a quick and engaging read! I flew through it! Tabitha and Kairos are interesting characters with complicated histories. Yates adds flashback scenes to give us a good idea of their history together, which really allows us to get a feel for their relationship. Some moments are quite funny and the dialogue flows well. The sexual chemistry between Tabitha and Kairos leaps off the page! The desire is sizzling and very visual! I particularly liked that we were getting the perspective of Tabitha as a Queen already. They’d already been married, so there is a complicated history which adds to the depth of the story. I also found that it made the characters more realistic. Their baggage makes for realistic motivation in their actions. To be honest, I found the end a little corny, but I really liked the epilogue. I have not read Andres’s book, but I may have to after reading this!

Queen Tabitha of Petras is done with her loveless marriage. Set to demand a divorce, she is not prepared for the explosions of passion that Kairos unleashes at her announcement. And she is certainly not prepared to find out that after one night of passion, she is pregnant by her husband, the King!

Kairos is not prepared to let his wife walk away from their marriage, especially now that she is carrying his heir! Determined to salvage his relationship, Kairos whisks Tabitha away to his private island. This unexplored passion between them may be the key. And Kairos decides that seducing his wife may be the perfect way to keep her by his side.

Book Blurb for The Queen's New Year Secret

Kidnapped by her king!  

As the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Eve, the fairy tale is over for all of Petras when Queen Tabitha—refusing to live in a loveless marriage—asks her husband for a divorce. But anger erupts into passion, and when Tabitha flees the palace she's carrying King Kairos's heir! 

Discovering her secret, Kairos kidnaps his wife. Against the backdrop of his secluded island paradise, he proves there's no escaping his royal reach. He will use the desire that's gone unsated between them for too long to ensure his wife returns to his side.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2015 4.50