Spy Hard

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Spy Hard

Jase Campbell can’t afford any distractions. He is undercover in South America and stuck in the middle of a war between drug lords. In the midst of this, Jase finds himself distracted by the beautiful, and pregnant, Melanie Key. Jase knows it is dangerous to get attached to a woman while on a mission, yet his heroic nature insists that he help her. Though he attempts to keep things on a platonic level, Jase cannot deny his physical desire Melanie or his growing affection for her.

Melanie is widowed, pregnant, and determined to prove her independence for the sake of her baby. However to secure her future, she first needs to escape from the clutches of her brother-in-law Don Carlos. Her late husband did not warn her of his familial ties to the drug lord and now Don Carlos views her unborn child as his heir. Logically, Melanie knows that she needs Jase’s help to escape. But emotionally, she is wary of tying herself to another man. As they continue their journey, Melanie finds herself not only fighting for her life, but for a future with Jase.

Dana Marton has created a novel with a very interesting plot placed in a realistic setting wrought with political tensions. Marton’s descriptions are well developed and interesting. I found aspects of this novel unique. Marton sets her novel apart through her convincing depictions of the drug wars and Melanie’s place in the compound. I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of the environment and the minor characters. Mochi was definitely a favorite! However, I would have liked to see more development between Jase and Melanie. The focus of the novel is really on their situation, which makes it a good intrigue novel.

Book Blurb for Spy Hard


Being deep undercover in a drug lord's compound, Jase Campbell can't afford to be anything but ruthless and mission-oriented. But it doesn't take trained instincts to see that pregnant Melanie Key needs his help to escape an increasingly lethal situation...whether she wants it or not. Jase can certainly understand why the once-naive widow insists on relying on herself and will trust him only so far. And her courage and unexpected resourcefulness in the face of killer obstacles is sparking something even more risky-and irresistible-between them. Now, with danger fast closing in, Jase will put everything at stake for a future with Melanie-if they can survive to have one.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 3.00