Forever Mine

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Forever Mine

Rumor Series, Prequel

Lady Augustine Ascott adores her younger brother Nathaniel. The boy is the light of her life, a bright spot in the dreary city of New York. When mysterious happenings make Nathaniel fearful, Augustine does her best to reassure him though she is worried herself. Though her father claims he will take care of everything shortly after Augustine reveals her concerns, Nathaniel goes missing.

Left with heartbreak for her missing brother and resentment towards her father, we find Augustine years later still harboring her grief. Back in England, Augustine doesn't find much relief. She does however; find delight in the Duke of Wentworth, a man who attracts her more than she ever conceived possible. Despite her desires, Augustine doubts that the ton's prime catch would ever be interested in her.

Leonard Gabriel Stewart, the Duke of Wentworth is intrigued by the mystery and grief that surrounds Lady Augustine. What is even more intriguing is the desire and affection her feels for her, especially since he never believed he would find love again after the death of his childhood sweetheart. But he cannot resist Lady Augustine and soon they find themselves engaged. After Augustine reveals the tragedy of her past, Leonard vows to protect and help her. Together they embark upon a journey to find her long-lost brother, an adventure that promises to be dangerous and full of passion!

Delilah Marvelle captures her audience from the first page, building on the fear of the unknown man lurking in the shadows and the impending tragedy that will strike the Ascott family. Augustine's grief is so strong, and the emotion is so intense that the reader feels the loss as well. Her anger at her father is just, and I longed to see him taken down a peg. The whirlwind romance between Augustine and Leonard is a breath of joy into the sadness that lurks throughout the novella. Augustine is a strong, determined, and willful woman. As a reader, I longed to see her branch out on her journey to find her brother, which I was rewarded with as the novella closed. By the end of the story, all of the pent up sadness and anger have been shifted into a desire for action; not only by Augustine, but by the reader as well! Marvelle has her audience waiting and ready for more and I for one anxiously await the official first book in the Rumours series!

Book Blurb for Forever Mine

London, 1802

Lady Augustine Jane Ascott longs for a man who will do more than offer his hand in marriage. She wants a husband she can trust, someone who will shield her from the darkness of the world. Her heart was broken when her little brother was kidnapped years earlier, and she still carries the pain of his loss.

When the handsome Duke of Wentworth makes his feelings for her known, Augustine's past demons warn her away. Besides, every woman in London knows he's devoted to the memory of his late wife. But is it possible he cares for her after all—and that their love can bring them the peace they both crave?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.25