Down Home Cowboy

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Down Home Cowboy

Copper Ridge

I’ve had the pleasure of reading most of the books in Maisey Yates’s Copper Ridge series, and let me tell you, this last installment does not disappoint! I found this book charming, sexy, and deep. The dialogue is funny (as usual), the plot is interesting, and the characters are complex. The characters are dealing with emotional issues, scars of difficult pasts which keep them from fully moving forward in their lives. Their issues are not only serious, but real and relatable. Both Alison and Cain are great characters – Cain the classic strong and silent type, Alison a hardworking, warmhearted woman with thick walls guarding her heart. The book starts with the sizzling chemistry between the two as the catalyst for their interactions. They both feel the attraction, but neither are looking for a relationship. Instead, they focus on their sexual dynamite. Things are messy, however, since Cain’s teenage daughter Violet is working for Alison. Alison is fond of Violet, but worries as she sees herself in the young girl, and not necessarily the good parts. Cain, again being the silent type, sees an opportunity to gain insight into his daughter. Yates does a great job writing with portraying a teenaged Violet – the girl is going through a difficult period which is amplified by her age. There is just enough of the subcharacters (Violet, Cain’s brothers, and Alison’s friends), and great hints of the other books. I’m excited for the next one in this series!

Cain Donnelly needed a fresh start, for himself and his daughter. Uprooting their small family and relocating to Copper Ridge is not exactly a good idea in his teenage daughter’s mind. But it’s where Cain’s family is – the estranged brothers he shares a ranch with. And after his ex-wife abandoned them both, they could use some new roots in a new place. What Cain isn’t looking for is a new woman. Especially not the sexy redheaded Alison Davis, local baker… and his daughter’s boss. He may not act on his attraction, but that doesn’t stop him from thinking about it.

Alison Davis is floored by her attraction to the new Donnelly male in town. She’s worked hard to build her business and to gain her independence, and a man has no place in her life right now. But a no-strings attached affair… now that she wouldn’t say no to. So that’s exactly what she proposes to Cain after the chemistry between them sizzles to a peak. Yet the more time she spends with Cain, the harder it is to keep those strings away. And soon, Cain wants a more permanent attachment to her… but can Alison move beyond the walls she built from the past to face a new future?

Book Blurb for Down Home Cowboy

This Texas cowboy has come home to Copper Ridge to put down roots…but will he risk his heart again? 

Asked where he'd be at this point in life, Cain Donnelly would have said anywhere but Copper Ridge, Oregon, living with his estranged brothers. But since his wife abandoned them, both he and his daughter, Violet, are in need of a fresh start, so he's back to claim his share of the family ranch. Local baker Alison Davis is a delicious temptation, but she's also his daughter's mentor and new boss. That makes her off-limits…until she offers a no-strings deal that no red-blooded cowboy could resist. 

Alison has worked tirelessly to rebuild her life, and she won't jeopardize her hard-won independence. Especially if it also complicates Cain's relationship with Violet. But with Cain offering a love she never thought was possible, Alison has to find the courage to let her past go…or watch her future ride away for good.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2017 4.50