Big City Cowboy

Men of the West, American #1381

Elizabeth Burns is in trouble. She needs to win over a big client for her advertising company or she could be out of a job. Sexy Rory McAlister is just the man for the job. The rugged cowboy would be perfect for her ad campaign. But Rory doesn’t just steam up his photo shoots. Elizabeth can’t help but wonder if all his hot glances are meant for the camera or if they are for her!

Rory McAlister hates the city. He also hates the spotlight. But he will do whatever it takes to earn the money to help pay for his mother’s cancer treatments. If that means standing around while some big-city hotshots snap pictures of his half-naked body then so be it. He doesn’t like it and is not afraid to let Elizabeth know it. If he can get little Lizzie to rile up and maybe loosen up, it may just be worth the trouble!

Julie Benson creates a fun and sexy story with light and sparkling characters! The sexual tension between Elizabeth and Rory is there from the start and is fuelled by witty dialogue and close encounters. Benson’s characters are funny and realistic. The culture shock for Rory is interesting and is very convincing, and the contrast between city life and country life is well drawn-out. Benson includes serious issues for her characters to deal with, but keeps the reader intrigued with the sizzling chemistry between Lizzie and Rory. Overall, a fun read!

Book Blurb for Big City Cowboy

A Cowboy Out Of Options

That's how Rory McAlister feels when he leaves Colorado for the concrete jungle of New York City. He needs this money for a very good reason-only somebody should have warned him donning designer duds meant butting heads with Elizabeth Harrington-Smyth. The bossy ad exec is determined to turn Rory into the original Rhinestone Cowboy. Over his dead body!

With her job hanging by a thread, Elizabeth's got to deliver the goods for Devlin Designs-or else. She asked Rory because of his rugged, authentic-and, frankly, gorgeous-looks. But could she have chosen an ornerier model? At least Rory will be heading back to his ranch and out of Elizabeth's life soon. Because New York is no place for a cowboy.and a Colorado ranch is no place for a big-city girl. Even if these two opposites are falling for each other!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 3.75