Bad for Her

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Bad for Her

Bad Boys Gone Good #1

"Bad for Her" was a great introduction to Christi Barth’s sexy new series. Just like with "All for You", Barth gives us a unique plot for this series and interesting characters to go with it. I loved the concept of the brothers being former mobsters in the Witness Protection Program – so interesting!

Both Doctor Mollie Vickers and Rafe Macguire have complicated family histories and a chemistry that is off the charts. Both characters are deeply loyal – Rafe to his brothers and Mollie to her family and friends in Bandon – and this made these chracters extremely likeable. As usual, I really liked the subcharacters of this story. We get enough of Rafe’s brothers to understand their relationship and their backstory, which is great considering the brothers will feature as primary characters in the coming books. Since the history of the characters is so interesting, I wish we would have gotten a little more. And though I liked many of the subcharacters, there were quite a few of them, and some seemed to quickly fade into the background (particularly Mollie’s girlfriends, which I found surprising). My only real issue was the ending of the book – it seemed sudden and unexpected and I honestly continued to flip pages expecting more. It’s good to know though, that the next book in the series is there to help answer some of these unresolved questions!

Rafe Macguire needs to make it work in the sleepy town of Bandon, Oregon no matter how different it is from his hometown of Chicago. As he’s been reminded by the U.S. Marshall on his case, this is the last chance for the ex-mobster to maintain a low-profile and his new identity otherwise he and his brothers are on their own. So he needs to find something to like in this sleepy little town – and the sexy doctor he meets on the side of the road seems to fit the bill. But how can any type of relationship be a possibility when Rafe has to lie from the very first?

Mollie Vickers thinks Rafe Macguire is just what the doctor ordered. She loves her small town dearly, but being a doctor back home has severely limited her dating pool. She has no interest in the men she’s known since playtime on the playground. And so a surprise appearane by a sexy mechanic on the side of the highway is just the thing to break her out of her sexual rut. When the relationship that starts out as purely sexual evolves into something more, Mollie isn’t sure what to do. It’s clear that Rafe is tough and loyal and sexy… and keeping one hell of a secret. One that could jeaprodize everything Mollie holds dear…

Book Blurb for Bad for Her

USA Today bestselling author Christi Barth launches a sexy new series about three bad-boy brothers in Witness Protection who are about to learn that going good is harder than they thought...

Doctor Mollie Vickers loves the tight-knit community of her tiny Oregon town. But she’s not a fan of the limited dating options. Sleep with a guy who tried to copy off her in junior high? Pass. Mollie’s sex life is flatlining… until a deliciously handsome man she’s never seen before stops to help her fix a flat tire.

As an ex-mobster, Rafe Maguire’s no saint. But he’s trying to turn over a new leaf. Although he probably shouldn’t kiss the hot doctor on the side of the highway. Or suggest a no-strings fling with a woman he has no business pursuing. Rafe’s life is too complicated for love—his new WITSEC-provided identity doesn’t fit him at all and there’s a U.S. Marshal watching his every move. He can’t tell Mollie the truth… but their chemistry is scorching and being good doesn’t mean he can’t be a little bad.

Mollie can’t resist the guy who looks rough, talks tough, and is loyal to the bone. But it’s obvious Rafe is keeping secrets. When the truth comes out, Mollie must decide if she could ever love an ex-mobster… or if this bad boy has truly gone good.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 4.00