An Inconvenient Mistress

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An Inconvenient Mistress

The Ashford Brothers Series, #3

Caroline Kimberly’s An Inconvenient Mistress is an engaging and sexy historical romance! Isabella North is a feisty and determined young woman intent on protecting her nephew. Captain Phillip Ashford is a sizzling not-quite-a-pirate who is not keen on playing the hero. His unabashed mannerisms and her quick wit make for quite sharp and witty dialogue. Kimberly does a nice job of switching perspectives between the main characters, maintaining individual voices and keeping a nice flow. The plot is interesting and moves at a quick pace. This story is really more moved along by the action and dialogue rather than the descriptions, which made it quite the page-turner. I particularly liked the language and the dialogue. It felt authentic to the time period. The storylines for all the characters also seemed realistic, interesting, and suited to the period.

Kimberly did a nice job of providing us with detailed and well-developed backstories for her characters. I thought the backstories came about in a nice natural way that worked within the story. It was also quite the sexy read! Phillip has a rakish charm which is attractive and he and Isabella have some sizzling chemistry! This leads to some steamy bedroom scenes which where nicely led up to by some of the sizzling sparring!

The sub-characters were interesting without being overwhelming. I particularly like Kolton, Sully, and Reynard. Each functioned within the story nicely. There were a few characters that I wished we had seen a little more of. Charles’s grandfather for one, I felt, could have had a little more page-time. The ending was nice and sweet, with most of the loose ends wrapped up. An Inconvenient Mistress is a funny, sexy, and satisfying historical romance!

Isabella North is desperate to get her nephew to England safely. After being the targets of a number of attacks, she is willing to engage in unorthodox measures to ensure their safety. If that means procuring the services of the notorious smuggler Captain Phillip Ashford then so be it. She may need a hero but she’ll settle for a pirate!

Captain Phillip Ashford is not a pirate, but he’s no knight-in-shining armour either. The feisty Isabella has finagled her way aboard his ship the Intrepid and has been nothing but a distraction! Phillip knows that Isabella is in a heap of trouble. But between her quick wit and the sizzling chemistry between them, keeping his distance is becoming near impossible. Isabella is naturally wary of Phillip’s roguish charm. If she can barely trust him with her safety, how can she trust him with her heart?

Book Blurb for An Inconvenient Mistress

Jamaica, 1820

Isabelle North needs a hero, and if an arrogant mercenary is all she can find…he'll just have to do. She must get back to England before her past catches up with her, even if that means booking passage on a vessel captained by a man she cannot abide.

Phillip Ashford, notorious smuggler and captain of the privateer Intrepid, knows Miss North is trouble. She's stubborn, for starters, and it's painfully clear she's conning him—she looks more like a schoolmarm than the rich man's mistress she claims to be. But beneath her prim exterior is a sharp wit and courageous spirit that draws him in despite himself.

They both know they should keep their distance. But passion flares as they defend themselves on the high seas—until Phillip begins asking questions Isabelle would rather not answer. After all, how much can she really share with a man she'll never trust?

Meet Phillip's brothers in An Inconvenient Kiss and An Inconvenient Wife!

100,000 words

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2015 4.50