Tupelo Honey

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Tupelo Honey

“She’s an angel of the first degree. She’s as sweet, she’s as sweet as Tupelo Honey, just like honey from the bee. You can’t stop us…”
Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison used to be the theme song for Cassie Evans and hockey player, Tim O’Brien. They had been high school sweethearts, pledging themselves only to each other until one fated evening when Cassie, thinking she would surprise Tim, got a surprise herself. 
Now, 15 years later, with a little push from her best friend, Jodi, Tim walks back into her life. And he still has the dark hair, deep blue eyes, broad shoulders and that sexy smile that melted Cassie every time she looked at him. But Cassie swore off Tim. She lost all confidence in him. But she’s not found anyone else that made her feel like Tim did. Can she put aside her broken heart and allow him back into her life?
Tim really had it for Cassie, yet the one mistake has worn on him for years. Even though groupies have tried to win his attention, he never accepted their gifts. Now he is out to win Cassie back. Can he succeed? Will she let him back in?
Tupelo Honey is a quick read. I read it in about an hour. Cassie is adorable and makes herself your friend in the first couple of pages. And if you have ever suffered heartbreak, you will be able to instantly identify with her. Tim is such a hunk, who can turn him down?
I really like the Scores series. This was my first read, but it won’t be the second. And I hope that Tina Gallagher comes up with more stories. She can get right to the emotional heart of a reader fast. Thanks, Ms. Gallagher for an enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for Tupelo Honey

# of pages or word count: 37 pages
Genre: Contemporary erotic romance novella
Heat rating: 3 Novas
When hockey player Tim O'Brien cheated on Cassie Evans and broke
her naive heart, she left him without looking back. Now Tim is back and
sexier than ever. He's also still very interested in Cassie.
Will she be able to resist his charms...and does she really want to?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.75