Starlight Wish

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Starlight Wish

Book two in the Wishing For Love series.

Major Aubrey Kellands has been away for eleven years before returning to Kellands Court as the Fifth Earl of Daventry.  However; upon his arrival he finds the place nearly abandoned by servants and in great need of repair.  His two half-sisters have nearly been left to raise themselves with the exception of a couple of loyal servants .   When Daventry decides that a wife is necessary to help take care of Kellands Court and to be the guide that the half-sisters needs as they are brought out for the season a Fairy Godmother appears and informs him that his wish will be granted.  Thus, the plan is hatched.  Daventry’s Fairy Godmother aka Lady Xanthe Simms will provide Daventry with a bevy of beautiful women to choose his mate from while hosting festivities over the Christmas holidays.

Though games, rides, dances and chats kept Daventry busy as he evaluated Desdi Lynton, Fanny Marcome, Harriet Eavesley, and Eugenia Lowestoft, his eye kept returning to Desdi.  Each woman had their own assets whether they were beautiful, elegant, talented or just fun to be with.  But one young woman kept Daventry’s heart seeking her out.  Daventry couldn’t believe she was the one as she was such a young sprite of a girl, yet it seemed she kept falling into him and he falling for her.

Yet trouble befalls the Kellands and neighboring estates and one of the young ladies decides to help resolve the issue of burglars, wrecking havoc on homes while they are unattended.  When Daventry comes to the rescue he knows then that he has found the one of his heart.  But which woman is it?

Ms. Bennett presents a very enjoyable story, full of light hearted humor and gaiety.  I loved all the characters and would enjoy further development of all of the women.  Desdi quickly became my favorite; however all of the ladies have a story that I hope will be told.  And further adventures of Daventry and his chosen….most definitely a wish I make.  Now, where’s that Fairy Godmother?

Book Blurb for Starlight Wish

When Major Aubrey Kellands becomes the fifth Earl of Daventry, he returns from the Peninsula to the ancestral home he has not seen in eleven years. He finds both household and estate in complete chaos and decides he needs a sensible wife to help him restore order. His whimsical wish on a star brings Xanthe—his fairy godmother—and her cat Titus. Xanthe announces she will hold a house party over Christmas at his home, thus granting him the opportunity to find the wife he truly needs.
Miss Desdemona Lynton is lively and mischievous—the exact opposite of the wife Daventry seeks. Her humor—and her relentless pursuit of housebreakers who plague the neighborhood—enthrall him despite his best efforts to ignore her. His heart and his head are in deep conflict, and only Xanthe’s magical humming can help him discover that what he really needs—and wants—is love.
Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.00