Second Chance Cowboy

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Second Chance Cowboy

Chance Taylor is one man who has it bad. He and Carly Taylor have been divorced for two years, but he’s never been able to get over her. Even after dating someone else, it just all comes back to Carly. And in one night of rash behavior on her part, the thought they would get back together. But Carly feels different. She can’t believe they have spent the night together. With the ex-husband? She was disgusted with herself.

But a tumble down the stairs now finds her with an amnesia hat has wiped the last four years out of her mind. Amnesia that puts her on the movie set of a movie that keeps playing over and over and she can’t remember the story. Amnesia that leaves her believing she is in love with her ex-husband and is defiantly ready to get back into his bed. She doesn’t remember separating and moving out or the loss of their child or divorcing.

Now’s Chance’s second chance. But why does he feel that this isn’t the right way to win her back? What more could any man want than a second chance when they have it as bad as he does.

Having read Rhonda Lee Carver before, I was excited to get the opportunity to review “Second Chance Cowboy.” Ms. Carver is an expert at writing character driven stories and this is no exception. I loved Chance. He’s a dream hunk if there ever was one. And I would enjoy going out with Carly. She’s a fun loving, yet questioning woman. Both have to learn to deal with what’s best for the other and put their heart second.

Don’t miss “Second Chance Cowboy.” This one is sure to please. Thank you Ms. Carver for providing such a great book and great characters that we can spend a little time with.

Book Blurb for Second Chance Cowboy

A tumble down the stairs lands Carly back in the arms of her ex-husband.

After the loss of a child tears her marriage apart, Carly vows she’ll never speak to her soon-to-be ex-husband Chance again. On the eve of their divorce, however, Carly takes a stroll down memory lane and calls Chance.

A passionate one night stand between the two is shattered by cruel light of morning. With reality having set back in, Carly admits to Chance she made a mistake, forcing him to come to grips that there is no hope left for their marriage.

Fate has other plans for them. Carly’s fall down some stairs leaves her with amnesia…but that’s only the start of it.

Can deception bring a second chance at love or will it forever destroy an already broken marriage?  

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.00