Cilla's Master

Suburban Dominants Book 5

Cilla Renfield was a good sub. She was sub to her Master/Husband, Edward prior to his death. They had started out playing in clubs, but after she and Edward married, they seldom went to the clubs. Edward was a very possessive Master. Charles had been Edward’s best friend. And it was Charles that stepped in to help Cilla with Edward after the accident and at the time of his death. 

Edward loved Cilla.  He had loved her before she married Edward. He enjoyed it when she would step in as his sub at the club where he was a dungeon Master. And he felt that time had come to make their relationship more of a permanent one. However, Cilla wasn’t in the same place. She liked Edward but she was afraid of the possessiveness that a Master often had over their subs. She wanted a vanilla life and she wanted that vanilla life to be all there was at home. She wanted children, the home, the yard, the complete vanilla life.

Could Edward agree with that? He wanted Cilla to marry him, for her to be his wife.  But could he give up a part of his life that he so enjoyed? Did Cilla really want a vanilla life? Or would life become so boring she would regret giving up a part of the lifestyle?

This is a great story that deals with everyday emotions of people in the lifestyle. Cilla goes through all the emotions of one who’s dealing with past disappointments mixed with her desires for her future. Edward is the perfect Master. He senses the emotions of his sub and allows her the space she needs. His strength shows in how he responses to her as they take on a vanilla life.

My hats off to Ms. Kingston for writing with such insight. I would love to see more stories about Cilla and Edward. Ms. Kinsgton, will there be more?

Book Blurb for Cilla's Master

*NOTE* This is the author’s preferred release of a novella published originally by Ellora’s Cave. It has been re-edited and some sections have been rewritten.

Longtime divorcee Charles and recently widowed Cilla have been friends for years. They play together and put on BDSM demonstrations at the club they both frequent. But when their feelings for each other heat up to match the fiery sexual chemistry they generate, other issues come between them. Cilla knows Charles wants a full-time relationship, but having been married to a control freak once, she’s wary of allowing another man that much power over her, especially another who plays the Master role in the BDSM scene.

Cilla wants a family and a safer relationship with a man who’ll be her partner and lover, not a full-time Master. She challenges Charles to prove his love transcends their play. Can he leave the Master at the club and give Cilla what she needs?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.50