Best Little Spin Wash in Texas

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Best Little Spin Wash in Texas

Molly Timmons was not a fan of doing laundry, but everyone knows it has to be done. Being a regular at Spin Wash and Go she usually met the same people in the laundry, persons who did their laundry or hung out on the same days that she did her laundry. Until one evening when she met John St. James. Out of laundry detergent she asked the nice looking man with a taught T-shirt and shorts, showing off his muscled chest and legs, if she could borrow some soap. Pheromones started flying from both parties and the relationship started.

Molly couldn’t quite put her finger on what made John such an exciting yet different partner. They met twice a week, taking what time they could get to enjoy each other. John wanted more than a laundry date, but when Molly pulled out her cell phone he thought it an odd tool for someone to use. And her car raised more questions. John didn’t use cell phones, preferred paper and pencil, drove an old red pickup and certainly wasn’t into technology. Not the type of man that Molly, a quantum physicist usually went after.

John lined up a date night that included dinner, laundry and a little more action than normal. However, he didn’t anticipate the changes that someone else planned. And those changes are what turned the story on end. As a reader I was hooked.

Author April Morelock brings an interesting story. I loved the twists she planted. While I read each of the clues, I didn’t pick up on them until the last third of the book. Geraldine and Clarice are wonderful minor characters. Not only did Geraldine and Clarice support Molly in her budding relationship, they supported the reader with hints of events to come. I admit the story started slow and I was afraid that I wasn't going to like it; however, there is so much there that if you miss it you will be missing out on a great read.

I can only find one book by April Morelock. I hope there are more coming soon. This is a pleasant change from other books, a refreshing drink for the reader. Thank you, Ms. Morelock.

Book Blurb for Best Little Spin Wash in Texas

Genre: Fantasy Time Travel
Length: Novella

Introverted, timid quantum physicist Molly Timmons knows her way around a twenty-first century lab; but give her a hot, sexy male capable of turning her world upside down, and she's all thumbs... Until she meets a sexy stranger at the local Spin Wash and Go.

When the lights go out, John St. James is happy to oblige the sexy scientist and fulfill her every fantasy. For a few brief hours, he can grab hold of a moment of happiness before going back to the reality of his daughter's desperate illness.

The Spin Wash has secrets that could keep them apart. Secrets that could save his daughter and make Molly's career, or destroy their relationship. Time is running out... Can they unravel the secrets, save his daughter, and their love? If a government agency has its way, time and space may separate them forever.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content and graphic language.


Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 3.75