Whitewater Hunter

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Whitewater Hunter

Skye Nashel once human, alive, is now a wolf. But not in the sense one thinks of a wild wolf. He is part man and beast. It is in his death that somehow he becomes a four legged predator. One person is there when he died, Aileen.
Now, Skye needs to find out how he died and the only person to help put the pieces together is Aileen.
Aileen has grieved greatly in the year since Skye’s death. The time has come for her to move on, only something pulls her to the one place she really never want to go back to.
In this place of torment, Aileen will come face to face with a wolf that seems familiar. And to make matters even worst, she is sexually turned on.
Whitewater Hunter is by author Vonna Harper. Ms. Harper’s voice is powerful and deliciously descriptive. The sexual content of this book is over-the-top scorching. Ms. Harper took a wolf-shifter tale and spun it up. This author has one of the most creative minds.
Both Skye and Aileen are characters you want to know and they will grip your heart in this tale of lovers, loss, and unexpected disclosures.
This is not the first book I have read of Ms. Harpers and it will certainly not be the last. Slip over to Ellora’s Cave to purchase Whitewater by Vonna Harper.

Book Blurb for Whitewater Hunter

Skye is dead, victim to a raging river. In the year since his violent death, Aileen has made peace with what she had a hand in and is moving on. But forces from deep underground have taken control of Skye’s spirit and turned him into a wolf—a predator who remembers little except lust and need. He stalks Aileen in the wilderness, coming closer, driving her to the ground. She will submit. And when the claiming is complete, he’ll force her to tell him how and why he died.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.50