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What does a girl do when her truck breaks down at night in the middle of nowhere? Just what Natalie does, starts walking toward the only spot of light in the darkness. What she comes upon is a bar. But no, it is not your typical hangout. It holds two very special men that will show her the true meaning of sexual pleasuring that will blow her mind.

Shivaree is by author Cara McKenna. Ms. McKenna whipped up a concoction of an unusual storyline and spiced it up to over-the-top hot to make one great read! The characters become flesh and blood. You can almost feel the heat between their bodies and smell the scent of sex as their story unfolds. Ms. McKenna is a sexual word smith that this reviewer will not soon forget.

There is something magical that drew this reviewer into the story from the very first page. Make a mad dash to Ellora’s Cave to purchase a copy of Shivaree by Cara McKenna today. This reviewer highly recommends this book!

Book Blurb for Shivaree

Hot on the heels of a nasty break-up, Natalie’s truck dies and strands her deep in Louisiana’s sweltering backwoods. A glow beyond the trees and a haunting melody lead her to what she hopes is salvation.

The Shivaree is more than a bar. It’s a mysterious oasis where people go to escape into a cold drink and lose themselves against a warm body on the dance floor. Gabriel is its resident musician, gifted with unnerving talent and intoxicating sexual charisma. The only thing standing between Natalie and the perfect rebound is Gabriel’s possessive and domineering lover, and Natalie’s not afraid of a bully. Certainly not one built like Shane Broussard. She’s ready to discover the perfect remedy for heartache—two hot male bodies, one long, sultry, southern night.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.75