Never Too Late

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Never Too Late

So, you’re a man wanting to experience what being with another man is like. What better way than to have your BFF with benefits, take your life in her own hands and set up a very naughty—and very sneaky I might add—first for you. 
What better person for a first timer than the very experienced and highly sexual, Dakota Knight, an escort at Desires, Inc. Brice Delco might not know what he is getting into when Winter, his BFF, orchestrates a secret erotic seduction to introduce Brice to the wonders of man loving. But once there, Brice will learn more than he ever bargained for.
Never Too Late is by author Marty Rayne. What a delicious blend of bondage, emotional depth and m/m-m/f sizzling sex. Ms. Rayne truly knows how to create a memorable story, with characters this reviewer loved getting to know. The only thing this reviewer did not like was saying goodbye when the book ended. But, hey, one only has to open it again to fall under Ms. Rayne’s wonderful writing spell.
If you are looking for a great read regardless of sexuality, this is a super book. Stop by Loose-id to nail a copy of Never Too Late by Marty Rayne. This reviewer highly recommends it! 

Book Blurb for Never Too Late

After years of pleasuring others' needs as an escort at Desires, Inc., Dakota Knight is finally ready to find a life he wants to live. That is, after one last request from his boss. He only has to fulfill thirty-six hours of submission and he's free to find happiness, though he believes love is a four-letter word. And one that isn't for him.

Brice Delco expected a weekend away with his best friend, Winter Chase. Instead he was led to a hidden playhouse containing a male escort, bound and ready to please. Then he finds out that Winter hired him so that Brice could have a great first experience with a guy, since he's been drooling over them for years.

Thanks to Winter, Brice enjoys more than one memorable first with Dakota, who in turn realizes that it's never too late for love. Even for a man with a past like his.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM content, male/male sexual practices, voyeurism.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50