Much More than Blood

Part of the Ancient Blood series.

Rosa Ferrer is a vampire that has been there, done that. To the point, she is bored to death with her life. What does this spoiled vamp do? Rosa decides to create her own sexual ideal man from a mortal male. Does he have a choice? Not if Rosa has her way, and what Rosa wants, Rosa gets.

But, Rosa finds out that this mortal male is special in so many ways. Will he go willingly into vampland? Read Much More Than Blood to find out.

Much More Than Blood is part of the Ancient Blood series by author Kate Hill. I have to say, Ms. Hill did not mince any words when she created the lead female in this book, Rosa Ferrer. Rosa’s character was spoiled, selfish, and downright vicious in the beginning of this novel. Yet, Ms. Hill gives her heart and soul enough to keep me reading. The ending adds a perfect finishing touch to this vampire tale of two people destined to be together.

Vampire lovers need to sink their teeth into a copy of Much More than Blood by Kate Hill.

Book Blurb for Much More than Blood

For years Rosa Ferrer has indulged her every whim, no matter how violent or debauched. What’s a spoiled vampiress to do when she’s run out of fun? Seek an unsuspecting mortal and create the perfect mate for herself.

Royal Marine Commando Alik Lennox faces his ultimate test of courage against an enemy for which there is no defense. He cannot escape his fate, or can he? In a Scottish pub he meets a beautiful woman with whom he expects to have a one-night stand, a farewell gift to himself. Instead, he finds the impossible.

Publisher’s Note: Originally available in the Vampires at Heart anthology.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 4.00