Last Thought

I hear dead people, and man, you won’t believe some of the things they say…

Yep, I truly do hear the departed talk. My name is Landa Carson, and I ‘m a doctor/part-time coroner in the very small town of Road Narrow. Now you would think not much would ever really happen in a small town but, boy, that is the farthest thing from the truth.

I ‘m not alone in this, I have two handsome and extremely sexually talented hunks that know not only my special gift to listening to the deaths gab, but our secret bond of ménage. And, I ‘m not talking about them doing me; I mean them doing me and each other. Hot much…hell yes!

Now I have Nowhere, the name I gave the dead girl I found in the woods, is not only talking to me, I am dreaming her death in spades. I, or should I say we, need to find out who did her in and stop this crazy before he strikes again.

Last Thought is by author Emery Sanborne. Sanborne has written a tight and totally entertaining book. This is one story that will make you laugh out loud at Landa’s sharp wit and views of her unusual talent. Sanborne’s visual voice took this reviewer straight into the story. The interactions of the characters are just plain amazing. Sanborne talent shines in this paranormal winner.

This book screams TV series—adult version if you get my drift—all over. Hey, HBO, are you listening? You should be. This book is a dozy. Last Thought is more sensual than erotic to keep you readers dialed in. Not that it detracts from the story or keeps it from being naughty. Nope, it is naughty…(wink).

Don’t walk, run over to Liquid Silver Books and snatch—no pun intended—a copy now!

Book Blurb for Last Thought

Serving as part-time coroner for the quiet town of Road Narrows, Dr. Landa Carson believes her trip to the countryside to check out a dead hunter will be as uneventful as the rest of her day. It is…until Landa catches a whisper on the breeze and discovers the remains of a young woman buried beneath and ancient oak tree. One body leads to another and more…
Landa has overheard the thoughts of the dead since childhood and has learned one thing: the dead have no insight to offer the living. The last thing to pass through your mind is rarely a revelation. Which is unfortunate since the dead girls are haunting Landa’s dreams.
Driven to find the killer and give the victims (and herself) some peace, Landa soon learns that the safety of small town life is no more than an illusion and that the people you love can be the most dangerous.
Contains: M/M/F threesome

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75