Finding Passion

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Finding Passion

Finding Passion hits all the right notes to make it a winning read!

James has come home to spend time with his little sister, Rose. When she gets the chance to see her dream band, Seduction, Rose disappears after the concert. James has an idea where she is and takes off to find his sister.

Obstacles like the head of security, Steve Bliss, blocking his intent to see if his sister is with the members of the band. Steve has been there, done that. He thinks James just wants to meet the band members. It will take all the smarts James has to convince Steve he is sincere. And, it will not be easy. Especially, when Steve triggers lust like no other man before. With lust that hot, it can either blaze gloriously or burn James to the bone. James will have his hands full trying to get his sister out of the groupie atmosphere and handling uncontrollable desire toward Steve Bliss. And, I have to say, with a last name of Bliss, he is that and much more…

Finding Passion is by author D. J. Manly. One thing I have to say first is thank you Manly for penning a love story that left me smiling and happy when I closed the book. For once in a long time, this is a premise that I could sink my teeth into. About the middle of this book, I forgot it was an M/M. This book is about love, loss and forgiveness, whatever sexual orientation is involved.

Secondary characters like Donna Pearlman cracked me up and other steamed my butt. The combination worked to perfection.

D. J. Manly has become one of my favorite M/M authors and I cannot wait to see what this manlove author whips up next. Do not hesitate to nail a copy of Finding Passion by D. J. Manly as soon as you can.

Book Blurb for Finding Passion

James is looking for his sister, but he'll find passion, in more ways than one.

James goes to Montreal to spend some time with his seventeen year old younger sister, who lives with the father he hardly knew. His father offers him a summer job on construction and he decides to stay, getting to know his dad, and discovering his sister's passion for rock music and older guys who play in a band.

When Surrender comes to town, one of the hottest rock groups around, Rose is adamant on attending. James, too, likes the group, and they decide to go to the concert, along with some of Rose's friends.

A hitch in the construction of a building his father's company is working on compels the crew to work overtime the night of the concert, and as a result, James misses the concert, arriving only as the fans are exiting the forum.

James returns home, knowing that when Rose comes home, he's going to have to find some way of making it up to her. Only thing is, Rose doesn't come home.

Rose's disappearance leads James on a quest to find his younger sister, who, enamoured with rock and roll, has changed her name to Passion, and become one of Surrender's groupies. However, finding his sister isn't as easy as James thinks, even after finding the hotel where the band is staying. There are obstacles standing in his way, one of which is Steve Bliss, head of security for the band. 

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 4.75