Devil's Desire

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Devil's Desire

A timeless historical romance that Stephanie Laurens or Rosemary Rogers would have wished they had written.
Elysia lost both her parents and her brother within days of each other. She is taken in by her aunt, a hateful and vindictive old shrew. Everything that she held dear has been stripped away from her. Two years of this woman’s abuse has taken a toll on Elysia physically and mentally. When her aunt announces to Elysia she is to be wed to an old piggish neighbor that she cannot stand, Elysia has had enough. She flees into the night heading to London to hopefully find employment.
A chance meeting one, dark damp night at an inn on the way to London changes Elysia's life forever once she encounters the rakishly handsome Lord Alex Trevegne. Circumstances throw these two strong-willed individuals together and Alex takes advantage of the situation. He may not have been looking for a wife but Elysia intrigues him and he has to have her. Alex soon finds out Elysia is no pushover and the sparks start to fly.
Devil’s Desire is by author Laurie McBain. I have to say I did not know this book had been previously released by Avon back in nineteen seventy-five because it reads like a romance written yesterday. It is timeless and filled to the brim with historical richness and sexual tension that would rival any historical book on the shelves today.
Ms. McBain is a true master in her field. I could pick this book back up and read it all over again, it is that great a novel.
Every historical lover needs to get their hands on a copy of Devil’s Desire by Laurie McBain today!

Book Blurb for Devil's Desire

What readers say about Devil's Desire:

"One of my all-time favorite romances."

"I just love this book! Each scene keeps you turning the pages."

"What a pleasure to read an author I know will never disappoint me!"

They called him the devil...

With his seductive golden eyes and sin-black hair, it's no wonder Lord Alex Trevegne has earned himself the sinister title-not to mention his reputation as one of the most notorious rakes in England.

And she's the only one who can conquer him...

When fate throws Alex and Elysia into a scandalous situation, Alex suddenly finds it surprisingly difficult to tear himself away from her.

As an unexpected passion blossoms between them, Elysia begins to wonder if after a lifetime of heartache she's finally found heaven in the arms of the devil.

Praise for Laurie McBain:

"McBain's skill at shaping characters and propelling the plot distinguishes her."
-Publishers Weekly

"Well-crafted and wonderfully romantic. Readers are rewarded with teeming atmosphere."
-Romantic Times

"Vivid sense of description, colorful characters... I found myself happily lost in the magnificence of the storytelling."
-Los Angeles Herald Examiner

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2010 5.00