Breed True

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Breed True

What a completely tender-hearted and moving tale of love between a man and a woman penned with a brilliant voice!
Julie Fulton Rossister is deprived of her innocence by a low life gambling and physically abusive husband, Frank Rossister. The one good thing to come of this terrible marriage is her twin girls.
One night, Julie finds Frank has been stabbed and left for dead. With Frank gone, Julie finally can move on with her life, but that is not to be. In steps half-Kiowa rancher, Grady Hawks. Grady needs a white wife and heir to secure his land holdings.
Given little choice and for the sake of her little girls, Julie agrees to marry Grady. She may not want another husband, but she needs a place for now for the twins. 
Grady is a strong man, yet willing to do whatever it takes to convince Julie theirs is a marriage of more than convenience. Julie is only used to abuse and being used by men. It will take everything Grady can muster to bring this skittish filly around. 
Breed True is by author Gem Sivad. Ms. Sivad procured a comfortable and relatable place for this reader to cozy up to. The characters fell into perfect and believable situations that carried this reader into an emotional charged story of love and desire. The way Ms. Sivad infused the sex between Julie and Grady is exceptional. This reviewer cannot wait to read more of Ms. Sivad works.
Stop by Liquid Silver Books to lasso a copy of Breed True by Gem Sivad today. This historical is a winner.

Book Blurb for Breed True

Half-Kiowa rancher Grady Hawks owns 9,000 acres of water-enriched Texas grassland. But when the Eastern Land Company moves to steal Hawks Nest Ranch, claiming Grady is too Indian to rightfully control it, Grady decides to apply what he's learned in mixing different strains of cattle. He needs to find a red-haired wife and breed back to the fair skin and Scottish features of his father. With a white child and wife, he plans to appease his neighbors and outmaneuver the greedy Eastern consortium of businessmen who are trying to steal Texas land. 

But when Grady marries auburn-haired widow, Julie Fulton Rossiter, breeding cattle is the last thing on his mind. Julie doesn't want a husband, but with an accusation of murder threatening her, Grady Hawks' offer of marriage is something Julie needs. When unexpected passion burns hot between them, want and need take on a whole new meaning.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.75