A Most Scandalous Engagement

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A Most Scandalous Engagement

In an era of strict moral behavior, one’s spirit can feel confined and that is what happened to Elizabeth Cabot. A wild moment of indiscretion turns her life into a nightmare. From a portrait painted in the nude to a make believe engagement, Elizabeth must stroll down the path of womanhood to find where the important things in life mean the most to a free spirited woman of her time. 

A Most Scandalous Engagement is by author Gayle Callen. This novel starts out with a crush of characters; to the point I am confused who the major characters are. This set the tone for most of the book. I had trouble concentrating on the storyline, which made for a much unstructured read. My mind would drift and I constantly set this book down. I thought the premise was a glorious idea only the secondary characters intruded and overshadowed most of this romantic historical tale. 

This reviewer has not read other novels by Ms. Callen, but A Most Scandalous Engagement is one historical book this reviewer cannot recommend.

Book Blurb for A Most Scandalous Engagement

Could she be the brazen lady who posed for the scandalous portrait?

Lady Elizabeth Cabot is no longer the reckless girl she once was. Now the darling of the ton, she is determined to put her past behind her. But who would have imagined that one immodest act could throw her entire world into chaos . . . and force her toward a loveless marriage? In desperation, she approaches her childhood friend, Peter Derby, with a daring plan.

Peter still remembers the wild and spirited girl who had stolen his heart. But could the rumors be true: is she the model for the scandalous painting hanging in London's most exclusive gentlemen's club? If Peter agrees to pose as her fiancÉ, Elizabeth has promised to reveal the whole truth.

But Peter has his own ideas about this sham "engagement" to the exquisite beauty who's always been just out of his reach—and he's willing to incite yet another scandal to make her heart truly his.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 2.25