Treasure Dogs

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Treasure Dogs

I liked the pace of the book. It was a fun read. I will be checking out more of Heather Dunboine's work!


The heroine, Aurelia Day has been dreading the day when she will reach adulthood in her world. Meridia. The psychics of Meridia are kind of like the sorting hat in Harry Potter, only much more frightening.

Book Blurb for Treasure Dogs

Fourteen-year-old Aurelia Day has been dreading the day when she must present herself to the psychics of Meridia. The psychics know the potential of every Meridian child, as they know the opinions of every citizen and the mettle of every sailor. It is time for the psychics to look inside Aurelia and announce her career options. But she already knows that the psychics will deny her the only option she’s ever wanted: to be one of them. She has the talent. She can already see spirits. But no woman has ever served on the psychic council, and the training has never been offered to one so young.

Of course, there is another option that Aurelia has never considered—the only option in the world that cannot be refused. And the psychics’ decision is about to launch Aurelia on a dangerous treasure hunt in which an infamous pirate becomes a friend, a legendary sea serpent comes to life, the spirits of Meridians take frightening shapes, and Aurelia’s greatest asset lies in the devotion of a young sailor and his pair of faithful dogs.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 3.50