The Girl and the Dragon

I loved this book! Alice M. Roelke really brought my heart into this beautiful story.

Hasn't every young girl dreamed of "shape shifting," and either being able to have as a companion, or shift into a giant winged draconic beauty? This story takes the reader across time and space, into the mind of the slave girl Adella. Not only is her best friend a dragon, but she can hear Dragon’s thoughts, as well as those of all animals.

This is the epic story of doing what’s right and good, no matter the cost to you personally, because some rewards are much better than silver and gold.

The Girl and the Dragon has a very Christian theme, in the style of Narnia. Think, one of the princess from Narnia with a setting in Pern with all the awesome animals, people and oddly strange yet very caring characters including a Dragon. It has a fantastic storyline. The author really wants the reader to embrace the perspective of Adella, who is a slave. Adella rises up from her lowly position and goes on an unbelievable journey. Along the way, she finds she is being looked after by a higher power who has what she needs.

Book Blurb for The Girl and the Dragon

Adella, a slave, can hear the thoughts of animals.

Her life is only worth living when she gets to spend time with her dearest friend, a dragon—very large and frightening to most people but not to Adella.

When Dragon does the unthinkable to protect her, the two must flee for their lives. Adella struggles with the guilt she harbors and her frightened feelings about God and punishment.

Disguising herself as a boy, she seeks work—and the pair get caught up in a battle. They survive and become heroes. Then, horrible news: the nation’s beloved king, to whom Adella feels strangely drawn, has been infected by the Green Death. If he dies, anarchy will spread through the kingdom and create war.

Adella and Dragon set off on a quest to find the plague’s forgotten cure. Danger and adventure await—along with trolls, shape shifters and secrets beyond her wildest dreams. But time is growing short. If they don’t find the cure, the king will die…

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.50