The Call of Agon

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The Call of Agon

The Children of Telm, #1

If you love Role Playing Games (RPG’s), this novel is for you. The demigod hero encounters fantastic companions on his quest to save his world. His last promise to his dying father was to insure that evil not be released. This book was awesome because the author fully developed this new world with its own races, history and mythology. The characters and the storyline were well developed. I could close my eyes and see myself in this world; I could picture each race and understand what they brought to the story. The epic adventures serve to strengthen the hero and his companions, each who have their own burdens to bear, on their way to vanquish the evil that will destroy the world.

Book Blurb for The Call of Agon


Ifferon is one of the last in the bloodline of the dead god Telm, who mated with mortal women, and who imprisoned the Beast Agon in the Underworld. Armed with a connection to the estranged gods in the Overworld and a scroll bearing Telm's powerful dying words, he is tasked with ensuring the god's vital legacy: that Agon remain vanquished. Fear forces Ifferon to abandon his duty, but terror restores his quest when the forces of Agon find his hideaway in an isolated coastal monastery.

Weighed down by the worries of the world, but lifted up by the companions he encounters along the way, Ifferon embarks on a journey that encompasses the struggles of many peoples, the siege of many lands, and discoveries that could bring hope to some—or doom to all.

An epic fantasy set in a world replete with its own lands, races, languages, history and mythology. An immersive and lyrical tale with flawed and mysterious characters. A page-turner right up to the last page.

Enter the world of Iraldas.

Answer the Call of Agon.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.00