Surprise Party

Jocelyn was a shell of her former party girl self and Beth was going to change that. Jocelyn's old boyfriend had changed her into a more serious person and she longed for the days where things were more foot loose.  Beth's invite to a surprise party might be the boost she needs; yet she still doesn’t feel like she would belong there.  She trusts her best friend and makes plans to go.  After arriving and finding her apparel for the evening was something she would never wear she wasn't so sure about her willingness to attend the party.  This wasn't a surprise party like she had ever seen, sexual acts she had never seen before assaulted her senses as she was thrust in a BDSM scene like no other.

Wow, this book is pretty hot.  With friends like that, well I want a friend a like that.  The sexcapades were so dramatically told, I felt Jocelyn's trepidation and her journey into total abandonment.  Ms. Kristensen made a short story about BDSM and friendship into something totally unexpected.  If you are looking for the reason for why BDSM, this isn't the book for you, but if you are looking for a quick late night read, then I highly recommend this story.  I don't know if Ms. Kristensen has any novels, but as a new fan of her writing I'm going to find out.

Book Blurb for Surprise Party

Length: 6,470
Heat Rating: 5
Genre: Erotica: BDSM
He changed her life, took control of her and made her the way he wanted her, and then left her. Jocelyn withdrew from her social life, and lost faith in herself. Beth, her best friend, convinced her to attend a surprise party. Unlike any surprise party she’d ever attended, Jocelyn’s senses were thrust into the world of BDSM. The pleasure and pain from this experience, reawakened Jocelyn’s sexuality and desire to live in a world of depravity.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2009 4.75