Sexpresso Night

Series: Wet

Danya has the perfect man for her, yet she feels unfulfilled.  Why does she feel the need to flirt with the local barista at Karma Coffee?  So when her perfect relationship falls apart she finds solace in Carter and Carter's bedroom.  She knows she could never be with another dominant person and Carter does everything right, until he opens up his toy room.  Is this another doomed relationship?

Ms. Jamison has done it again, finding love in the oddest places.  This is a perfect quick read for those chilly winter nights.  It will definitely heat you up.  I can't tell you too much without giving away the ending, but there is a lot of emotion torn between the pages.  You feel Danya's lust as well as her loss.  I was very jealous of Danya when she picked a man who knows how to make his coffee!  He is the perfect blend.  An unexpected moment was when I learned how to cup coffee while reading this hot story!  There is a definite BDSM feel to the story, not so much in the use of toys, but more so in the attitude of the characters.  If you are a fan of Ms. Jamison you won't be disappointed, if you've never read this author before, I encourage you to pick this short story up to whet your appetite for more.

Book Blurb for Sexpresso Night

Line: Taboo
Book Length: Novella
After a disastrous D/s relationship nearly destroyed her, Danya swears she’ll never go back to that lifestyle. She tries to deny the dark hunger rising inside her, a craving to be pushed, taken to the edge, until the night she ends up at Karma Coffee for Sexpresso Night. She discovers how sensual and sexy coffee can be—and how sensual and sexy barista Carter Jarvis is.
Carter senses gorgeous Danya wants to let go of control with a man. When they end up back at his place “for coffee”, she submits to him so beautifully he knows she’s meant to be his. Carter seems perfect for her—not wishy-washy, but not a sadistic pervert. The true test comes the night he shows her his BDSM playroom.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.25