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Matt and Lisa Hamiliton were about to become unwed.  They hardly saw each other and Lisa's work seemed to take her farther and farther away.  Matt finally became fed up and saw divorce as a way out of he unhappiness and let Lisa be as successful as she wanted without him in the way.  Little did he know, that the papers were the wake up call that Lisa needed.

Many couples go through exactly what Matt and Lisa experienced. But, many don't try to fix their problems the way that Matt and Lisa did.  I really liked this short story.  Even though we never learn what makes the main characters tick, the story is too short to get too involved, it flows from sex starved scene to sex charged scene flawlessly.  The sex scenes were climatic and the imagery was made even more explicit by tantalizing all of the senses. 

The dialogue was believable and the tense 'making up' scenes even made sense and didn't seem forced.   A reader can actually see the frustration in Lisa as she tried to make her marriage work. 

It is labeled BDSM, but the bondage is very mild, some handcuffs and some action in public, but not much more than that.  If you are looking for a quick feel good read, pick this up!  You will be glad you did!

Book Blurb for Sexhibition

Genre: Contemporary interracial erotic romance
# of pages or word count: 37 pages
Heat rating: 3 Novas
Lisa Hamilton loves to work and the financial benefits that come with it. Her desire for wealth and reluctance to start a family, however, puts her marriage to blue-collar Matt Hamilton at risk, something she doesn't realize until Matt leaves her.
Devastated, Lisa fights to keep the only man she's ever loved, but Matt is hesitant to reconcile. It will take a night away from work, and Lisa's willingness to submit, to reignite the spark...
Elements: Light BDSM

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 5.00