Love's Sweet Attack

Paige Anderson has plans of her own when she learns that star football player; Dean Porter has plans for her.  He starts with an interest in protecting his employees by hiring Paige to teach them how to protect themselves, but soon finds himself with another kind of interest.  Paige just wants to forget about the past, but has a hard time with forgiving God.  Can they learn to trust God and what he has in store for them before it's too late?

This is a definite sweet romance that made me smile.  I really liked the storyline and how they came together at the beginning.  I didn't understand why it took so long for God to be introduced in the story because it is an inspirational story.  I did like the fact that Paige didn't jump at the mention of God, but chose instead to work out her issues.  I would have liked to see more of the personal turmoil and perhaps even the scene where they attended church.  I have never read anything by Ms. Lough and really enjoyed this story. 

If you are looking for something to make you wonder how people overcome tragedy in their lives, I recommend this book.  As for me, I'll be looking on the bookshelves for more of Ms. Lough's titles!

Book Blurb for Love's Sweet Attack

Length: Miniature Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 81

When karate expert, Paige Anderson, meets ex-football star, Dean Porter, people fall head over heels…literally! Despite very different backgrounds, it's quickly obvious they have much in common. But will the dark secret that caused her to turn from God also keep her from Dean? Or will he help her accept that the Almighty loves her as much as he does…all in time for both of them to score the goal of a lifetime?


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.00