Wild Horse Spring

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Wild Horse Spring

Sisters in All Seasons

This is the second book in the Sisters of all Seasons series. While it is not necessary to read the first book to be able to follow this story, it does help support the information in the second book. Again the book reads with the sisters taking turns narrating the story with each new chapter. What I noticed with this book is that the reader had the ability to learn more about each sister at a deeper level, rather than leaving the first book responsible for that task. I appreciated the difficult interpersonal tasks set forth for both girls to work through, in their own special ways. Just as the last book, this is still an easy read with easy concepts to follow. I would continue to recommend these books to those aged 10-13 (5th grade to 8th grade).

It has been two seasons since Stephanie and Diana’s last family trip, and adventure, that came with a costly consequence. On this vacation, the family is going to a beach in North Carolina. Diana, who is absolutely crazy about horses, is ecstatic to discover that wild horses roam this land near the beach. Stephanie, on the other hand, is pretty excited to know that there is a boy next door to their vacation home that really sparks her interest. Eventually this boy also sparks Diana’s interest, but on a different level and for different reasons. A big bout of jealousy overcomes Stephanie and she isn’t quite sure how to handle it.

Diana is excited to be able to visit her dad while on this vacation. She is sure that she wants to ask him to allow her to live with him, a place where she could be free of the restraints she feels when she is with her mother and step-father. When Diana does get the chance to spend time with her dad, she quickly discovers that her ideal image of him may not add up to the reality of who he really is.

The girls band together to solve a mystery involving a mother horse that was critically injured by someone riding recklessly on a four wheeler. When the culprit is discovered, both Diana and Stephanie have to dig deep to move past their anger and find understanding and compassion for this person.

Book Blurb for Wild Horse Spring

For once Stephanie and Diana want the same thing. That's the problem. Diana and Stephanie are still trying to decide if they like each other when their blended family goes to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for spring break. They're headed in opposite directions---Diana is crazy about the wild horses and Stephanie is crazy about the boys---until one guy catches both their interests. Soon they're butting heads---again. But when their crush is accused of committing a crime against the horses, can the stepsisters band together to prove his innocence?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.00