Warrior Avenged

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Warrior Avenged

The Sons of the Zodiac, book 2

Adrasteria started her life born as a nymph. She was chosen by Zeus’s mother to raise him in an isolated cave from infancy to a young man, to protect him and hide him from his father so that he may live into adulthood. She was assured that she would be rewarded for her hard work and dedication. What she received, however, was betrayal from Zeus himself. He obliterated her as if she was dead, but she was left alive to live an eternity bound to the cave in which she raised Zeus. Though hatred and resentment towards Zeus filled her, her real anger was directed at Zeus’s wife, Themis. For it was she, Adrasteria believed, that filled Zeus’s head with lies that made him turn on her and sentence her to a life of banishment.

It was Hades that found favor and usefulness in Adrasteria. Hades asked for Adrasteria to work for him, to collect the souls of those that belonged to him, to give devine justice to those that deserved it. In return, Adrasteria would become an immortal goddess—she would become Nemesis, the goddess of retribution.

Determined to seek her revenge on Themis, Nemesis made a deal with a very dark and powerful sorcerer. The sorcerer wanted one of the Sons of the Zodiac, Kane Montegue the Scorpion, and in return he would deliver Themis to Nemesis. The deal was to slowly kill Kane with his own scorpion poison. Once Nemesis finds Kane and drugs and poisons him, she quickly realizes that the completion of the plan will not happen for Nemesis found the one man in over a thousand years that she has fallen in love with.

Nemesis, known as Isla to Kane, is the only woman that Kane can think about ever since their sexy rendezvous weekend six months ago. Many women over the centuries have come and gone for Kane, but none have ever compared to Isla. Completely torn over his feelings for her, on one hand he is crazy about her and on the other hand he loaths her for drugging and poisoning him. Thrown into a situation in which they must both work together, constant struggles over trust and lust ensue. Fighting in the war for humanity and for his life, Kane must trust the one woman who is responsible for his slow and torturous demise as well as being the one woman he has ever loved.

I loved the idea of having warriors who represent the signs of the zodiac being the heroes in this new series. Each warrior has special gifts and talents that reflect their zodiac counterpart. The story line overall is fun and exciting enough to keep a reader engaged. However, there are other parts of this story that seem to mimic other authors and their series. Most notably, the Sons of the Zodiac are an army created by a Greek goddess, mortal men chosen at the time of their deaths to join Themis’s army. It instantly reminded me of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series. Furthermore, the evil beings they fight (called Destroyers) have very similar physical characteristics as the evil beings in J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I want to believe it is by mere coincidence that these aspects mirror one another, but I can’t help but to speculate that the Sons of the Zodiacs are influenced by these two other story lines. If you have read neither of the series I just mentioned, then I don’t believe it will affect your reading experience if you choose to read the Sons of the Zodiac series. That said, I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a new read with a fairly exciting story line. The book reads well, characters are well developed, and I was able to follow the story clearly without confusion. I will most likely pick up the next book in the series as I am excited to read about the next warrior with a new zodiac sign.

Book Blurb for Warrior Avenged

Second in the sexy paranormal romance series

Starring the immortal warriors of the zodiac.

Millennia ago, the goddess of justice created a race of fierce warriors-each imbued with a special power of the zodiac-charged with protecting humanity from the darkest evils...

Immortal warrior Kane Montague is as lethal as the Scorpion that makes his powerful form. As an assassin for MI-6, he's an ace gun-for-hire. After being double-crossed on a mission, Kane knows all too well who's to blame: a sexy, secretive agent named Ilsa who may be even deadlier than he is...



Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.00