Lilith the Scourge, #1

Lilith the Scourge is a demon who formerly terrorized the human race. She is now a reformed demon, one who fights the good fights to help keep humans from harm. Her decision to turn from bad to good came with a hefty price tag; her demon friends and acquaintances of the past now hunt her because of her betrayal to their kind.

In 1912, Mathias, an arch angel who has always hunted evil to protect humans, followed Lilith onto the infamous voyage of the Titanic in order to rid her from this world. Mathias fails to kill her, but was successful in making sure she sunk with the Titanic, pinning her to the ocean floor for ninety seven years.

After her very long stint on the ocean floor, Lilith manages to land herself in present time Wales. Lilith befriends two young women, Yuma and Aida, who take her in and help her adjust to life in 2010. But merely trying to live a demon life in the new times is not as easy as watching reality TV. With an arch angel and a hoard of demons destined to take over the world, Lilith and her young friends are in for one wild ride that is seemingly never ending. Will Lilith be able to live her life above ground and skirt around a death that forever keeps her in a torturous fiery pit of Hell? Can Yuma and Aida survive their human lives that are wrapped up in the insanity that comes with housing a demon?

This story’s strong points are that it has many creative ideas that take the reader on a crazy, unpredictable ride. The story is told in several different voices, with most chapters jumping from the voice of one character to the next. The majority of this story is told in Lilith’s voice, then Yuma’s and Aida’s, and then some of the lesser characters would lend their voice as well.

I felt that this story had a lot of possibilities to it if it just slowed down a bit. There were far too many characters involved, many of which I could not understand who they were and why or even how they showed up in the first place. With the exception of Lilith, I really felt this story was weak in character development.

This story also had far too many events occurring, one right after the other. There was not enough time spent on developing one event to the next. If the author had delved deeper into each event, the book would have probably been hundreds of pages long. This story consisted of a back log of several hundreds of years of history, to numerous kidnappings, to people rising from the dead, to time travel and then finishing with a near apocalyptic ending. Between the massive turn of events and numerous characters, I found myself being very confused and frustrated. I did finish it to the end but it was hard to do so.

Book Blurb for Scourge

Lilith Black, or Lilith the Scourge, once the demon terror of the old world, now a reformed demon fighting for humanity, has returned. After an unfortunate trip on the doomed Titanic liner, Lilith was rediscovered in the murky depths of the ocean ninety seven years after she fell victim to a an avenging Angel with a grudge during the wild panic of the sinking ship.

Rather than continue her trip to the shores of America, Lilith returned to her adopted home of Britian, and after several botched attempts at teleporting herself to London, found herself wandering the darkened streets of Cardiff, Wales.

Lilith's return and entrance into three young student's lives sparks a change in the hidden world around them - angry demons still fuming about her betrayal and switch to protector of humanity, humans returning from the grave for their own ends and the very Angel who put her in her watery coma - all return in the lead up to the ultimate demon attack - on Earth.

Lilith must fight to defend the place she now calls home, the humans and mortals she calls friends, against the demons she betrayed over a thousand years ago.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 2.50