Brothers and Wives : A Novel

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Brothers and Wives : A Novel

Brothers and Wives is a sequel to Ms. Rax’s previous novel “My Husband’s Girlfriend.”

Danielle Frazier is involved with the Meadows family because she had a child with Neil Meadows, who also happens to be married to Anya Meadows. Though Dani and Neil are no longer involved with each other, they are often together because of their child. So it is no surprise when Dani is invited, and shows up, at the Meadows family reunion.

Dani is captivated by the DJ at the reunion and the DJ, Scotty, is equally captivated by Dani. Soon they are talking and a relationship is formed. Neil is not happy about Dani’s involvement with Scotty because Scotty is Neil’s brother. Dani refuses to allow her ex to stand in the way of the choices she makes involving her personal life. However, Dani’s stake in Scotty is more that just interest, it is also because she and Neil have never lost feelings for one another.

To complicate matters even further, Scotty and Neil have a cousin named LaNecia. LaNecia is absolutely enraged with jealousy over Scotty and Dani’s relationship. LaNecia and Scotty actually had a relationship the previous year that brought about a pregnancy that was lost due to a miscarriage. LaNecia’s current drive in life is to get Scotty to realize that it is her that he really wants, despite their blood relation.

The majority of this story is surrounding the complications of loves that have not been ended and the issues all must deal with in order to continue their present lives. Each chapter focuses on each character’s point of view. I usually do not like books that read this way, however, in Brothers and Wives this style of writing fits and the story continues to flow with each new chapter.

This book is an easy read; there is no confusion about what is happening or where the story is heading. However, I found this story absolutely boring. It lacked any kind of excitement and I found the interactions between characters and their struggles ridiculous and over dramatic. I found the issues and most of the characters to be shallow. Though I was not a fan of this book, nor do I have any interest in reading another book by this author, I can see that some people may like the psychology involved with dramatic and sticky interpersonal relationships.


Book Blurb for Brothers and Wives : A Novel

Danielle Frazier walked into her ex's family reunion expecting some drama. But she never could have anticipated what happened next. At the reunion, Dani meets Scottie Meadows, a smooth bad boy with a killer smile who smells like just like the kind of danger Dani could get down with. And he isn't shy about how he's feeling her either. Too bad his brother is Neil, Dani's ex and baby daddy, who wants the two to have nothing to do with each other, especially while Scottie is living in his house.
But nobody cock blocks Dani Frazier, not even her baby daddy. Dani and Scottie start dating and suddenly, Dani is not only driving a wedge between Neil and his wife again, but she's also dividing two brothers who seem to have nothing in common except their love for Danielle Frazier. Dani's always dreamed of being "Mrs. Meadows," though not by the way of her ex's brother. But as she sees it, a little baggage never hurt anyone, and she's determined to prevent hers from messing with the future she desperately desires.
Inspired by readers’ reactions to My Husband’s Girlfriend, this is a juicy follow-up about the complicated entanglement of family, love, desire, and duty. It’s the kind of sexy, compelling story that everyone would be dying to read that only Cydney Rax could tell.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 2.50