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Spellbound series, #2

Everspell is the second book in the Spellbound series and gives readers a return to the lives of Logan and Serena. The two have grown up a bit more and Logan has moved out and into his new apartment. Serena is returning to school, but how good can it be now that the love of her life has graduated and wont be there. Logan's mom and Serena's Aunt have opened a shop of their own. Life has continued after Christophe was finished off.

When a certain turn of events seems to foretell the return of Christophe, steps must be taken. This time however it seems whoever is coming for them doesn't just have Logan and Serena in their sights. Nobody is immune to the problems that are being raised, and that includes Logan's mother and Serena's twin brother Skylar.

Is it Christophe making his return or are they facing something new to tear up their lives. Either way, who ever it is, is dangerous and this time it seems that the stakes are for keeps.

Everspell was one I was skeptical of because of how good the first book in the series was. Few writers have the ability to take you to the same place book-wise but Everspell is proof it can be done. The characters matured but not so much that you couldn't see the original characters anymore. The story flowed extremely well and by the time finished Everspell, I was once again wishing I had the next book in my hands.

What worried me most was a return to, what I perceived to be, a rehashed storyline. I couldn't have been more wrong. While we saw the return of certain characters, the plot itself was fresh, and while there were some similarities, it seemed more or less to allow readers to be reminded of the characters and where they were coming from in the first book, Spellbound. We also get more insight into both old and new characters. I read through this book almost without stopping and have to give it a very high recommendation.

Book Blurb for Everspell

Book Two in the Spellbound series continues the love story of Logan and Serena. Having previously dispatched Christophe, the dark demon trying to capture and kidnap Serena for her special witch DNA in Book One, the two lovers believe they are now free to plan and live their lives together. Or are they?

When an innocent mistake made by their newlywed friends frees the way for Christophe to return, their idyllic attempt at happiness is marred by the nightmare they must outsmart, finally, to achieve the happily ever after they deserve.

They know they can rely on their coven to be there for them, and some new friends and additions to the family, as they once again embark on an epic battle that will secure their life, their love, and their future together. Once, they were Spellbound, now their story continues, for love, forever, for Everspell.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 4.50