Braving the Titanic

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Braving the Titanic

A Tossed through Time Adventure, #1

In 1912, the RMS Titanic set off on a journey that would only be completed at the bottom of the ocean. Kade West knows the story and will do anything he has to do to see the Titanic exhibit at a local museum, even if that means being part of a club he has no interest in. Even being paired up with Simon Sharpe doesn’t dampen his joy at finally being allowed into the exhibit.

Not content following the rules, and stealing off to parts of the museum he has no business being in, his fascination turns to horror when a closed door leads to being trapped on the actual Titanic. Simon can be annoying and follows the rules to a “T” but he knows his history. For Simon, this chance to live in the past is almost a dream come true. While Simon appears to be a passenger on the ship, all is not perfect for his traveling mate. When Kade wakes up on the ship, he discovers that he works on the Titanic and his boss doesn’t seem to like him very much. Kade wants off the ship, but work does present a problem when it takes up time that could be spent finding a way off the doomed Titanic.

What can they do when anything they might choose could result in history being changed? More lives could be saved or possibly lost, but when Simon begins to fall for a girl aboard the ship, the choices get even harder. Can Kade and Simon escape the fate of the Titanic? Will their choices change history? What can they do when their only real choice is to brave the doomed Titanic?

Braving The Titanic gives readers an adventure they can really fall into. The flow of the story was extremely smooth and fun to follow. Jennifer McAndrews has created characters that are believable and that you develop feelings for. I found find myself cheering when things went right for them and cringing when things went wrong.

One of the great things about Braving The Titanic is that the book allowed me to slip back into that daydream world that books had the ability to do to me as a young adult. I found myself thinking about the characters and how I would react to the situation presented. While I enjoy a good story, very few take me to the level of fun I had reading Braving The Titanic.

I look forward to any future installments and would recommend this book to parents looking for a story that will hold their children’s attention, make them think, and cultivate their imaginations.

Book Blurb for Braving the Titanic

On a spring night in 1912, more than fifteen hundred people lost their lives on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic.

On a spring day in 2012, two teen boys stumble into the past and onto Titanic.

Fourteen year old Kade West has been fascinated with all things Titanic since he was a young boy. But when a trip to an Artifact Exhibition tosses him through time to the decks of the unsinkable ship, all Kade wants is to escape before the ship carries him to the bottom of the icy Atlantic.

Thirteen year old Simon Sharpe has been a history buff since before he could read. For Simon it’s a dream come true to be traveling through time, living history, and falling for a girl for the first time... if only none of those events were happening aboard a doomed ocean liner...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.50