With This Kiss Part Two

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With This Kiss Part Two

The story of Lady Grace Ryburn and Lord Colin Barry continues in this gripping second story in the series. The story picks up where the first left off, and the characters have continued to develop and grow in delightful and surprising ways. The story has taken quite a few surprising but still wonderful twists and turns as well. When I picked up these books, I had no idea that I had once reviewed the story of Colin’s parents in Seduced by a Pirate, also by the same fantastic author, so that was a very pleasant surprise. Once again, Ms. James has outdone herself with this novella, and I am eagerly anticipating the third thrilling climax in this beautiful series.

Colin is home! This is the very first thing that runs through Lady Grace Ryburn’s mind when she hears the butler answer the door. The very next thought to cross her mind? How is she going to end the engagement she so rashly entered into with Lord John McIngle? All of her mental ramblings come to a screeching halt when she realizes something startling: Colin is blind! It is perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanently, but still blind. And his family is nowhere to be found. So what is a lady to do? Why, escort him to his own country home herself of course, after breaking her own engagement, and with the assistance of her lady mother, sneaking out from the household of her ducal father with said blind patient in tow. Can Grace accomplish all she has set out to do without chickening out? Will Colin realize who it is with him? Will things work out the way Grace wishes them to? Or is she ruined forever? Come along and find out.

Book Blurb for With This Kiss Part Two

Lady Grace Ryburn has accepted another man's proposal after the love of her life, Lieutenant Colin Barry, asked for her own sister's hand in marriage.

But when Colin returns home from the wars, injured in body and spirit, will she be able to turn her back and marry another? Or will she throw away every rule her mother taught her and try to seduce a man who has shown no interest in her kisses?

Author's Note: Be sure to read Part One first! You need to know the story of how Grace fell in love with Colin . . .

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.50