Witch's Pawn

Witch’s Pawn is a wonderfully fast moving novel that, although it is short, leaves plenty of time to develop both the characters and the storyline. It moves rapidly, never once slowing down. There is a sweetness and tenderness to the romance in the novel, making it totally heartwarming. The action and suspense are edge of your seat good. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, and would definitely enjoy reading more along the same lines. I do believe that it could be just a little longer, but as it exists now, is a good length that is easy to read and a joy to read as well.

Calla is a widow. When her senator husband and son are killed in a horrific car crash, she never expects to find a jeweled chess pawn at the crash site. What does it mean? Who left it? Calla will try anything to solve the mystery of her family’s death. Rock Moynahan is a seasoned Las Vegas police detective assigned to the dead senator’s case. He too noticed the jeweled chess pawn at the crash site. When another pawn appears on Calla’s son’s grave exactly a year later, Rock knows there is much more to the story than meets the eye. When events come to a head and Rock and Calla are forced to face the truth, will they accept the harsh truth as fact? Can they work together to solve the mystery of the jeweled chessboard? Read on to find the answer.

Book Blurb for Witch's Pawn

Calla Kendrick is the dead senator's wife. Her husband and their five-year-old son died in an unexplained catastrophe a year ago, with no clues left behind except one elaborate chess piece set with precious gems found at the scene. Were the senator and his son murdered? According to Rock Moynahan, a Las Vegas police detective, the wife is usually the first suspect, but he hadn't found a shred of evidence against Calla. He believes she is guilty, though, and there isn't much that will dissuade him from his conviction.

Calla is puzzled after visiting her lost family's graves and finding another expensive chess piece. Could it be a reference to her husband and son? A visit to an antique shop to gain information about the chess pieces, and a cryptic conversation with the shop's owner, leaves Calla no closer to the truth. With the looming detective at her side, Calla begins to discover secrets that should never have been exposed, and the evil that surrounds them.

Rock's LVPD badge is useless against the intensifying ill will he can't see or touch. His quickening realization that Calla is innocent leaves more unanswered questions in his questing mind, but one thing he knows for certain: he's falling in love with the dead senator's wife.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.00