Witch Way to Turn

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Witch Way to Turn

Witch Way to Turn is a fantastically fun novel, at times both hysterically funny, while at others heartbreakingly poignant but always utterly charming. The story moves very rapidly, easily developing from one adventure to the next. There is plenty of romance and drama, with just enough teenage angst to make it realistic. The plot twist toward the end of the novel helps to bring the story full circle. This is a beautiful story full of love, laughter, and just enough violence to make it fun. This is a perfect summer read.

Breena Cross has not had an easy life. She is living with a younger foster sister, Jenny, in a very bad situation with a lazy foster parent and her sleazy boyfriends. When the current slime ball attacks Jenny Breena fights back to save them both. What happens next shocks Breena to her core. You see Breena is a witch as well as a vampire. Breena and Jenny run and are saved by Breena’s coworker, Myles Young, who is also a vampire convict. Life takes a dramatic turn after that. Toss in a dramatic rescue from gorgeous preternatural assassin Orin Heider, and the romance quotient, not to mention the adventure and suspense quotient, increase dramatically. Who is Orin Heider and who is Myles Young? Why do they both rush to Breena’s rescue when one has been ordered to kill her and one told he cannot have her despite his desire for her? Can Breena save Jenny, learn to listen to her heart and mind and determine who she needs to be with and avoid her own execution? Join the fun with a witch, a vampire convict, and an assassin who chooses his own path, and see where it leads.

Book Blurb for Witch Way to Turn

Can you give one guy your heart and another your soul?

The last thing eighteen-year-old Breena Cross needs in her life is more complications. It’s all she can do to balance studying, working, trying to keep her foster-sister safe and drooling over the new guy at work. But things go from complicated to crazy when a fit of rage ignites the dark magic inside her and she finds herself fending off the supernatural underworld.

Myles, Breena’s drool-worthy coworker and vampire convict, is carrying a load of secrets--one of which is that he’s fang-over-lip in love with Breena and in danger of violating the terms of his sentence.

Orin is a soul-hungry assassin sent to kill Breena. However, he takes one look into her eyes and sees his own lost humanity. For once thinking of someone other than himself, he chooses not to end her life, even though it means risking his own.

Despite a convict and an assassin fighting over her, all Breena wants is custody of her sister. But to do this, she will need help from both Myles and Orin. And if Breena doesn’t learn to control the darkness within, she could lose her sister…forever.

WARNING: Contains strong language and some graphic content.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.50