Welcome to Las Vegas

Welcome to Las Vegas is a work of fiction. It also speaks to some of the true life horror stories that can occur in that beautiful and still terrible city. Having lived there myself, I know the stories of the storm drains are true, and really can happen to nearly anyone. It is the story of one man’s search for his sister in a world that can devour individuals, often with little to no warning beforehand. It is brutal in its honesty, and often terrifying in its authenticity. It is a short story that gave this reviewer chills. Eerie and terrifying, it is still a somewhat heartwarming story of love and redemption.

Tate is on the hunt. His darling sister, Lily, is missing in the storm drains beneath Las Vegas. Stretching for infinite miles in myriad directions, Lily is one of the thousands of inhabitants in a brutal world of drugs and violence. Tate knows it is rare to locate someone from the tunnels, and rarer still to convince them to leave and rejoin the public. Yet he knows he must try to save her from her demons. As Tate embarks on the most terrifying journey of his lifetime, through the darkness and horror that are the underground tunnels, Tate will come face to horrific face with his own mortality and that of his sister. Can he find her? Can he save her from her past? Journey with Tate into a nightmare and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Book Blurb for Welcome to Las Vegas

Dark, dirty, and terrifying, the storm drains below Las Vegas stretch hundreds of miles and house the city's homeless and criminal element. Walking into the underground abyss is the last thing Tate wants to do, but his junkie sister has disappeared into the drains. Armed with only his flashlight, Tate wades into the gritty depths beneath Sin City to rescue his sister from her demons.

Every step into the smothering darkness challenges Tate’s resolve. With his sister’s life and his own sanity at stake, Tate must face his fears or risk becoming another victim of the Las Vegas tunnels.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00