Vampire Hunter

Rammel Hawking, #1

Before I begin, let me state openly that I am a tremendous fan of this series. Having read the entire Order of the Black Swan series multiple times, I am very familiar with the storyline, as well as the characters. Vampire Hunter is an enchanting retelling of the story of Elora Laiken and Rammel Hawking, the vampire hunter in question. What I did not expect was to get to know Ram prior to Elora appearing. I have since developed a deeper understanding of the entire cast of characters, and have grown to love them even more. The storyline developed beautifully to detail the trials and tribulations that encompass the life of a vampire hunter with B Team. The best part of this novel is that it can easily be read on its own, and stand alone on all of its wonderful merits. Author Victoria Danann has a surefire hit!

Rammel Hawking has always led a life of luxury. As a Prince of the Irish Elves, he is accustomed to wealth and prestige. However, wealth and power is not what Ram has in mind for himself. Ram, in his rebellious youth, ran away frequently, to the wilds of Ireland. It was one of these adventures that led his life to change forever. Enter the Order of the Black Swan. Years pass. After the death of a close friend and partner, Lan, Ram wants nothing to do with another partner. That is, until a bloody mess falls literally into his life from another dimension. The mess was cleaned away, revealing the beautiful Elora Laiken. Proving herself to be a fiercely valuable asset, she is soon added to the B Team roster. The first mission together? Locate and exterminate a group of vampires terrorizing New York. As they work to achieve this, a saboteur has other plans for Ram and the team. Deadly plans. Can Ram figure out how to stop the invasion, while still keeping his team and new partner safe? Or is he doomed to lose all those he holds dear?

Book Blurb for Vampire Hunter

New York Times Bestselling Author, Victoria Danann, delivers the book fans have been begging for.

Ram’s book is partly My Familiar Stranger retold from his unique point of view with chapter insights from other significant characters. The story begins the first time he runs away to the wild magic of the New Forest at age ten, follows his recruitment by Black Swan along with his training to be a vampire hunter, tells the story of the death of his first partner, and his romance with Elora Laiken..

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 4.50