Humanless, Book 2

Unfree is a beautiful follow up to the first novel, Humanless, and ties in flawlessly to the first. I agree with the author in that the books need to be read in order to make sense, as one builds on the other. All of the favorite characters from the first book are back, and are braver and stronger than ever before. We also meet the host of beings in the Kingdom of Heaven, from Hades, Hera and The Harpies, to Aphrodite and Eros and more. The story is a beautiful continuation, and as a lover of mythology myself, I find the story very engaging and entertaining. It is a novel that, along with the first, will bring throngs of readers immense amounts of joy, as it did me.

When we last saw Ava Ford in Humanless, she had just lost her dearest friend and cousin, Posy, and discovered that her fate was not on Earth, but in the Kingdom of Heaven as Zeus’s bride. When Unfree begins, Ava, Blake, and Jason are all on their way back to the Kingdom of Heaven. Upon arrival, Ava sees a beautiful world, magical and ethereal, and all of the love that created the world below. But all is not as it seems. Once Blake gets his immortality back, forces will collide and worlds will collapse, leaving Ava and Blake caught in the middle. With the fickle whims of the Gods constantly changing the tides, can Ava and Blake ever find a way to be together, or will Ava be stuck in a marriage to a man she cannot love?

Book Blurb for Unfree

The Gods are ruthless, selfish, vain and self-absorbed. Their life is one constant, lavish party and they can't function without drama all around them, all the time.

Now, Ava and Blake have been thrown into their world.

The only thing the Gods respect is their Fate. Zeus is convinced that Ava is meant to be his bride and will stop at nothing to fulfill his Fate. Even if it means destroying his own son and angering half his Kingdom along the way.

Can Ava and Blake's love survive, if everything and everyone is trying to tear them apart?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.50