True Hollywood Lies

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True Hollywood Lies

What a fabulous novel. True Hollywood Lies is a no holds barred illustration of a side of Hollywood few are able (or shall I say lucky?) enough to see. After reading this, I can say for certain that it’s not something I would want to live. But this is certainly a book I will be reading again and again. It is a story of love and loss, betrayal and jealousy. It is also a story of redemption and growth. The story will take readers on a whirlwind ride around the world with a Hollywood trust fund princess, an overbearing, egotistical British actor currently taking Hollyweird by storm, and the entire entourage that comes along with said Brit actor. It also shows all the glitz and glamour and horrors of Hollyweird, in all its truth and horror. That’s one place, having been there myself; I would not want to go back to. It’s even too strange for me. All I can say about this book? Fabulous, darling. Simply fabulous.

Hannah Fairchild is sure all is right in her world. That is, until her father, the super famous Leo Fairchild, passes away, and leaves her inheritance in a huge mess. With the inheritance tied up in a nasty court battle and rent to pay, she knows there’s nothing to do but get a job. So she does, as a personal assistant to the hottest new actor in town, Louis Trollope. As she gets to know Louis more and more, Hannah realizes that maybe, just maybe, she may be in way over her pretty head. But then again, maybe not. A guy can change, right? As they travel around the world, Hannah must learn to trust her head and her heart to find what’s best for her, and realize, sometimes, stardust just isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Book Blurb for True Hollywood Lies

For Hannah Fairchild, jaded Hollywood trust fund baby and aspiring astronomer, life as she knows it (financially secure, albeit emotionally frail) goes out of orbit when her father -- the larger-than-life legendary actor and playboy, Leo Fairchild -- drops dead while making love to a nineteen year-old C-list television starlet. Not only has Leo's conniving fourth wife frozen Hannah's trust fund -- putting a pinch on her ability to gaze at the only stars she feels are worth watching -- but the grieving widow has also been having an affair with Hannah's indie producer boyfriend.

Faced with a Fred Segal's credit card bill that rivals the national debt, Hannah is forced to put her planet search project on hold while she takes the job of personal assistant to British actor and People's "Sexiest Man Alive," Louis Trollope. Because Louis is just as egotistical, self-centered, insecure, demanding, flirtatious -- and yes, irresistible -- as her father had been, Hannah is determined to keep him and his super-model girlfriend, bad boy entourage, and over-sexed agent at arm's length. Besides, she's falling in love with his best friend, the screenwriter Mick Bradshaw.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 5.00