Trouble In Thigh High Boots

Naughty Fairy Tales

Trouble in Thigh High Boots is a delightfully creative retelling of the Puss in Boots tale. It is a tale that has been told myriad times, but never in such a wonderfully imaginative way. The characters are enchanting, and the story flows beautifully. The love scenes are sizzling. I do think it could be developed into a longer novel, but as it stands is perfect for a reader seeking a book not too long or too involved but still full of adventure and romance. All in all this was an enchanting retelling of a classic fairy tale done in a totally new way. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tita is a woman who knows exactly how to get what she wants. She has an invaluable weapon in her arsenal, and the quick cunning of a fox. What is her most valuable weapon? She is able to shift into a beautiful cat effortlessly. When her feline form is entrusted to the care of her former master’s youngest son, she knew he would take good care of her. In return for his care, she decides to give him the life he deserves, one of wealth and prestige and the king’s ear. Her only obstacles are his scheming, sleazy older brother Zane and a repulsive ogre. But once Tita sets her mind to a task, she never fails to achieve her goals. Take a walk with a gorgeous Puss in boots and meet the charming people she has chosen to love.

Book Blurb for Trouble In Thigh High Boots

Tita is a Puss In Boots with a little something extra. Being a magical creature, she shifts from a kitty into the form of an alluring, ginger-haired woman when the situation demands it. And what a situation she finds herself in! Her new master Dylan is a poor man who needs a boost in the world. Sly Tita uses her seductive wiles to pass him off to the villagers and the king as the Marquis of Carabas in order to help both of them gain their fortunes. Her plan is not without its problems. Dylan's malicious brother, Zane, lusts after Tita, and he wants her all to himself, but she refuses to succumb to his treachery. Being a cat first and foremost, she purrs in the arms of her many lovers but her heart belongs to only one man - the king. She hopes that in ensuring Dylan his lofty place in the world the king finds a place in his heart for her. Her life becomes an erotic adventure in reaching her goals.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 4.00