I will be totally honest; I was a bit confused by this novel. I’ve read Beautiful Wreck, the other novel by this author, and loved it. I liked Tress, but the premise and the ending were a bit confusing to me. Tess, or Tress, is a very unusual character. She’s very artistically talented and smart, but also very withdrawn. Andr is a very strong character, both strong of will, and strong of heart. The two together make a highly interesting duo. The story itself tends to jump, seemingly from present to past, but it never really makes it clear if it is Tess’s (Tress’s) past or just a figment of her imagination. All in all, this is a vastly intriguing book that held my interest from the start. I would recommend this novel for anyone seeking a thrilling adventure with a rather demure heroine.

Tess hasn’t always been so introverted. She only changed after a tragic accident took her hand, leaving her with one as a prosthetic. It’s now a year after the accident, and her sister Gina wants Tess to open up a bit. So Gina and Tess, along with a few other friends of Gina’s, are off to the local renaissance faire. As Tess slowly begins to open up, she wanders off into the forest, and unbeknownst to her, into her future. Or is it her past? She stumbles across a huntsman she’s seen before…in her dreams. His name, she comes to learn, is Andr. And apparently she has cursed him to forever tend the fire, and chop wood eternally, or until she forgives him for his crime against her. But what crime? Tess cannot remember any such thing. But her heart knows where she belongs. And with the faire ending, and Gina trying to relocate her, will she ever find a way back to Andr to break the curse?

Book Blurb for Tress

Ever since little Tess cut off her doll's hands and painted them blood red, she's longed to live in a gruesome fairytale. But when grown-up Tess can hardly tend her own wounds, how can she free a golden-haired woodsman from his curse?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2015 4.00