Touching Silver

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Touching Silver

Book 1 of the Silver Maiden Trilogy.

Touching Silver is a fantastical story involving a mystical coin, time travel, exotic locations, and fiercely independent characters forced to rely on each other to solve the case and survive. It begins at a very fast pace and never slows down. The characters are extremely well written and likeable, and they mesh flawlessly together to form a beautifully cohesive unit. I most definitely enjoyed reading this novel and am eagerly awaiting the next one in the trilogy, which I will begin upon completing this review. It certainly touched not only my heart but also my imagination, and I can’t wait to see where the adventure leads. This is one of those novels that will have readers on the edge of their seats. I certainly was.

A cold case detective’s job is never done. This is how Olivia Wright feels when she approaches veteran detective Isaac McGuire to help her with a case of six missing girls that landed on her desk. What she doesn’t tell him until much later is that one of the girls has been found alive, and has a very interesting story to tell. Her story involves a mystical coin, a local drug runner and gang lord, and all six of the missing girls. Seeing as Isaac is after the gang lord and has intimate knowledge of the coin, The Silver Maiden, Isaac agrees. And the adventure begins. When the case begins to hit a little too close to home, can Isaac protect Olivia and his heart at the same time? Can they figure out what happened to the girls, and where they are? Or will the whole case self destruct in their faces, taking their hearts with it? Search for the coin and see what occurs.

Book Blurb for Touching Silver

Everything always comes back to the Silver Maiden.

Six girls are missing and cold-case detective Olivia Wright is determined to find them. A lone survivor names gang leader Gabriel de los Rios as the culprit—and points Olivia to Isaac McGuire, the force's foremost authority on Gabriel. Isaac is stubborn, domineering and believes in strange things like time travel and a mystical coin called the Silver Maiden that Gabriel wants. Yet the longer they work together, the more Olivia is drawn to him.

Isaac shares Olivia's desire to bring Gabriel to justice. He usually works alone, but the beautiful detective quickly fills his thoughts more than the case—and reminding himself that she's off limits only makes him want her more.

As Isaac and Olivia grow closer, so do their enemies. While they hunt Gabriel, a stalker targets Isaac and the missing half of the Silver Maiden reappears—with frightening effects on Olivia…

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.50