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The Onesies, Book 1

What a fantastically fun roller coaster ride this novel is! As a huge fan of Ms. Josie Brown’s work, I had no doubt that this novel would be highly entertaining. And let me say, wow, was this a blast! The story is set in the wilds of the Pacific Heights in California, home to numerous Barbie wanna-be’s and Ken doll look-alikes. The characters are hysterical, and everyone, and I do mean everyone, has their dirty little secrets that they feel must be hidden from the world. Just like in the real world, the trick is keeping those dirty little secrets hidden when everyone seems to know them. This is a fabulous novel that launched an even better series, and would be great for a summer read, or basically, an anytime at all read.

The Pacific Heights Mom and Tots Club is The Club to get into, and the entry criteria is bordering on the ridiculous. At least that’s what the six families competing for the four open spots think. Toddlers must be angels at all times. The same goes for moms, and dads. Founder Bettina Connaught Cross has outdone herself this year by setting up a competition for the “interested parties.” Not one to mince words, Bettina sets the hard and fast rules down: mothers only, to be available when the club calls, and able to help with club functions whenever needed, financially or not. For some, this is easy; for others, not so much. As the “contestants” get to know each other, and their children, and the competition gets going, secrets will start to be exposed. In the end, who will be left standing? Or will anyone be left unscathed? Welcome to Totlandia, let the games begin!

Book Blurb for Totlandia

The Pacific Heights Moms & Tots Club is the most exclusive children’s playgroup in San Francisco. Securing a place in the club has always been next to impossible. But this year’s admissions process is more rigorous than ever.

Founder Bettina Connaught Cross’ rules are simple: Moms only. No single parents or working mothers. Membership is a commitment. And there’s no room in the club for scandal, bad behavior, or imperfection... from tots or their moms.

Six candidates are vying for the remaining four slots, but each has a secret that would knock them out of the running.

Can the hopeful moms keep up appearances long enough to outlast the competition? Or will their chances--and their private lives--go up in flames? Moms better beware. Bettina is watching.

This is the first of four books that follow our heroines during "the Onesies," their inaugural year in the club. Upcoming books--released in quarterly episodes--will follow subsequent years: the Twosies, Threesies, Foursies, and Fivesies. WELCOME TO TOTLANDIA!

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 4.50